Demon's Souls Director Discusses Difficulty, Sequels, And More

Game Informer writes:

"Though I went into Demon's Souls slightly terrified by the stories I'd heard of its intense difficulty, I ended up loving it (just read my review to see how much). Impressed by how the game came together but a bit confused as to why I enjoyed it so much in spite (or perhaps because of) the challenge, I decided to get a behind-the-scenes perspective from the game's creators.

Demon's Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki turned out to be just the man to answer my questions about why they made the game so hard, how it's connected to King's Field series, and even some tips on how to pass the most difficult levels."

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Kain813971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

but i have nothing against a Sequel...

WildArmed3971d ago

When you do get the first, you'll be begging for a sequel.. like i am.

Darkfocus3971d ago

import it even if it cost a bit more you won't regret it at all.

gaffyh3971d ago

I want it in EU so I can rent and try it out first to see if I like it.

MmaFanQc3971d ago

you will love the first level....

xTruthx3971d ago

Omg that would be awesome

ThanatosDMC3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

I'm glad Atlus people arent taking credit. It was full BS when they were talking about the game as if they made it. They were just publishing it for NA release and talked as if they could alter the game from the ground up.

@ TheBand1t: oops thanks

dragunrising3971d ago

Please and thank you. I've put in 30 hours and haven't even scratched the surface. Excellent game. Very high learning curve for newbies. Perhaps why its so fun to master.

TheBand1t3971d ago

You mean Atlus...not Atari.

Simon_Brezhnev3971d ago

hopefully in part 2 you can ride mounts i know i want to ride a dragon

sikbeta3971d ago

Imagine a Sequel even harder, No WAY, damn difficult enough with the first, but this make it so addictive

Daver3971d ago

Good interview!

This game is just amazing! everything in it is. Its a must buy for everyone. I hope there will be a sequel. I think its my favourite game this year

MEsoJD3971d ago

I love this game!!!My favorite for ps3. God I hope for a sequel heck

maybe dlc.

ABizzel13971d ago

Less sequels more innovations. If From Software decided to do a sequel then we wouldn't have Demon's Souls to begin with. Let them make something else, then Demon's Souls 2 can come out afterward.

Insomniac has a good thing going with a 2 game release, however, I think it would be better for smaller studios to do a game every other year, instead of every year like Insomniac.

Noctis Aftermath3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

Sequel do it.

Update the graphics a little bit, fix the framerate drops, better lighting (except where it is meant to be dark), add in new features like passive mana regen for magicians, and also more of a story and more npc interaction imo.

Gorgon3971d ago

"Let them make something else, then Demon's Souls 2 can come out afterward."

They already did. 3D Dot Heroes. Do you even know what FROM SOFTWARE has done or is doing?

Ravage273970d ago

This is definitely the SURPRISE PACKAGE of this gen. Arrived from nowhere with zero hype and turns out being so awesome it is one of my top 3 games.

ABizzel13970d ago


That's only if you live in Japan, so stop being a dictionary (use the first syllable of the word dictionary). And 3D dot Heroes is a throwback to old gaming so what kind of boundaries are they pushing none. The only thing they had to come up with was the art style (which was genius). Give Demon's Souls 2 some time for Christ sakes, so it can be a huge improvement over the original, and stop acting like you sit there and study everything From Software is doing, because you don't.

@ Everyone else

How can you prefer having the game come out every year with minor improvements instead of a full overhaul of the game. I bet most of you are the same people who talk about how stupid gamers are who buy Madden, COD, Guitar Hero every year, and yet your asking for the sequel already (meaning next year) to a game that came out in February in Japan (October WW). What kind of improvement do you think you'll be getting? I'll tell you, things that can be fixed with a patch, yet you'll shell out another $60 and get sucked into that same Madden, COD, and Guitar Hero (now Halo) crowd.

Give them time to come up with better ideas, so the game can evolve. Don't just ask for tweaks. Why pay for a plate when you can have all you can eat for the same price, and you have nothing better to do but eat all you can eat?

Translation: Why rush them to make a half baked sequel when you could be enjoying all the other HUGE games already coming out in 2010, when you could wait and give them until 2011 or 2012 and have a much better game?

And beside everyone's already complaining about how so many games are coming out in 2010 that they won't have any money, what do you think adding another game that you want to the mix is going to do. Just wait for it. Demon's Souls 2 in 2011.

rockleex3970d ago

Be one of those rare games that cost over $200 on eBay next generation.

By the way, it seems many have "lost their souls" to Demon's Souls. *became addicted*

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gauntletpython3971d ago

Obviously this would be an amazing thing. I hope they improve the co-op in the next game, the only thing I don't like about the game is that one of you has to be dead and the other alive to play co-op.

Max Power3971d ago

the way the co-op is implemented, because it adds to the difficulty. I am sure they had the same conversation in many meetings with those who wanted co-op the way you wanted, but in the end they made the right decision (difficulty wise).

Noctis Aftermath3971d ago

i think they should keep it the same, but implement a Co-op version of the game where you can play with friends from start to finish and have the difficulty increase for each additional person.

this way you can play with mates when they are online, but when they aren't online you can go back to playing it the classic way.

Manac0R3971d ago

I gotta admit I d love to be able to send things to specific players or even summon them somehow... like a ring of summoning that u can send to a friend who can then call on you when needed.. you only get three in the game..

What do you guys think?

frostypants3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

I'd be happy with maintaining all of the current mechanics of the game, and simply giving us a new and significantly larger number of levels (especially now that we've got the hang of the difficulty).

I have very mixed feeling on tinkering with the MP dynamics. The lack of voice and the level of anonymity play a big part in maintaining the sense of immersion. You're supposed to be summoning spirits, not pals. On the other hand I can see where some might place gaming with their friends above maintaining atmosphere, but quite frankly we have PLENTY of other games that cater to that already. Keep Demon's Souls unique. Even if it means disabling XMB chat in DS2 should that feature be introduced to the PS3 firmware (they could set it to only disable your chat with other people currently flagged as playing DS2).

Some stuff that would be nice to have in addition to more levels:
-Clearer stat system...less symbology where simple words would be clearer
-Tone down the ragdolls...give corpses some weight
-Do something about the Havok-generated slowdown when objects are broken...may just be a failure to exploit the Cell properly in this instance
-Better production values, i.e. intro movie and music (Dragon Age is a great example on the production front)
-Cleaner menus (current menu fonts etc. look very PSOne-ish)
-Better character models. People should move their mouths when they speak. The current character creation system is decent, but needs to be tightened up to eliminate the tendency towards fugliness. All in all more detailed facial features.
-More armor/weapons/etc.
-The ability to import characters from the first DS would be awesome...not necessarily the facial aspects (would be tough if they re-did that system), at least the stats

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Johnny Rotten3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

cool, maybe by the time the sequel comes out I'll actually be able to beat the first level, I've been playing for 5 hours and I'm in the same spot that I started in :(

...on a plus note I learned how to farm medicine so now I'm just waiting for the right time to unleash my fury!

WildArmed3971d ago

which one? 1-1 or 1-2?
I have a second char lv 32 (that i use to help new players).. i can help you once you can start summoning phantoms :)

On my NG+++++, but i love helping new players on my other character :)

tda-danny3971d ago

What level is your main dude?

WildArmed3971d ago

that dude is 154. I avoid leveling him lol. Every NG+ i complete, i get 10 levels. Keep the rest of the souls for pots n items.

Delta3971d ago

Freakin Sweet Ill buy it one day again when it comes.