WTP Review: Drawn to Life The Next Chapter

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter continues the adventure-filled tale of a race of small furry creatures called the Raposa, who are struggling to save their world from being drained of all its color. Cast in the role of "The Creator," an artistically minded deity who sends its avatar to help the world's cute inhabitants sort out their troubles, players get to draw up their own hero and watch it come to life.

As with the first game, The Next Chapter focuses primarily on basic, easily accessible 2D platforming gameplay that includes item collecting (coins, health, and rainbow-colored ink bottles), puzzle solving, and knocking out enemy monsters scattered through each level. The adventure-oriented story sections that appear in between stages also let you explore towns, engage in lengthy banter with many different characters, and paint in black-and-white buildings with ink you've gathered to open new areas. In addition to being able to design and change your avatar character, there are many opportunities to doodle special items to wield as well as other in-game elements, like buildings, platforms, and devices. Most elements you create will appear sporadically in the game's numerous platforming areas.

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