WTP Review: Jam Sessions 2

The original Jam Sessions was the first musical program to turn the DS into a realistic-sounding virtual acoustic guitar. It let players create their own music by strumming a string on the touch screen and changing chords on the fly. While Jam Sessions 2 is packed with even more guitar sounds and music-making functionality, it also adds a new rhythm game element to the mix that offers a different way to play.

Jam Session 2's new Song Book mode gradually teaches the basics of strumming and chord changes before introducing more advanced techniques. You'll play along to a wide range of popular rock cover songs by rhythmically strumming chords that travel down a colorful note runway, much like you would in Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Each performance is graded, and earning medals unlocks new tunes, additional guitars, extra effects, and a ton of other content that can be accessed in Free Play mode. The difficulty for each song starts out on basic, and tougher difficulties are unlocked as you go.

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