Are Motion Controls The 32X Revisited?

As of late we've read about Natal for the XBOX 360 being treated like a new console with the number of games Microsoft plans to launch with it, now we're hearing about Sony's plans to do the same with their Motion Controls (does this thing even have a legit name yet?). One question that comes to mind is the pricing that is planned as both consoles will give current titles a facelift supporting Motion Controls, but also will sport a new lineup of games at launch.

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PirateThom3296d ago

Personally, I wish Microsoft would just support the 360 with games before jumping to their next "console" and Sony wouldn't make such a big deal about motion controls either.

Pointless devices. Peripherals tend to fail because they split the userbase.

You Already Know3296d ago

I agree, Microsoft is just trying to hop onto the latest fad while Sony wants to take away any bragging rights that the 360 can have..

cross game chat
motion controls
etc. etc.

ico923296d ago

im only getting the ps3 wand because of resident evil 5 alternative but if they could release updates that allows you to use it in games like LBP and killzone 2 that would be great

You Already Know3296d ago

there was already a demonstration shown of what would be possible with LBP with the use of motion controls...

it would take the co-op of the game and push it to the next level...

see for yourself

You Already Know3296d ago

n4g is a slow burn these days.....everyone is submitting articles and few are approving....

Myst3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Things seem to slowly get approved around this time ( it's when I start approving stuff at least [12:00~When I get tired again] ). By morning there should be only one page of articles or so, then in the afternoon it's back to around like 4~5 pages of stuff submitted with a few being duplicates anyway so.

So yeah, I'd say games are having a direct hit on a game site right now. People are more than likely playing so stuff won't go out as fast.

You Already Know3296d ago

you are definitely right about that....there are quite a few quality games out right now and most gamers are playing them at the moment...

but my point was people submitting articles and not taking the time to approve the other articles...the pending area had about 10 articles in a row just sitting there with no approvals and there was at least 3 or 4 of them worth apporoving...

CryWolf3296d ago

The 360 is just a another Sega Genesis and maybe like a sega Dreamcast sooner then anybody thinks watch how natal will fail, Microsoft need to be more like Sony and take it slow like how Sony is releasing the new Motion Controller. This is taking it slow not like MS how they just change the hole 360 console with project natal plus no one wants to jumping around like a monkey with natal, games should be relaxing time for people not jumping like your Tarzan come on.

glennc3296d ago

ridiculous blind fanboy comment

You Already Know3296d ago

actually, the comment was dead on..

people who buy natal should go outside and play sports rather than simulate the act of actually doing's like an inside joke on what a good portion of kids do these days...

and while motion controls have a place in the gaming world, we don't need to be doing the running man on our livingroom floor...

Smootherkuzz3296d ago

They may do well at the beginning but will they have staying power? We know that the launch titles for both systems will wow the crowd because of being new, but can Microsoft and Sony keep the games coming at a rate were the users do not get bored and leave the Natal and Motion Controller unplugged and collecting dust. I for one still have the 32x system and when it launched I loved it but the down fall was the lack of games I still play those games once in while just to remember the fun I used to have with them but 32x faded fast as well as the light gun that came later for the Saturn again no games.

eagle213296d ago

hint: the same idiots who bought OSTD. :)

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