Shadowrun ships for X360 and Vista, new cinematic trailer released

Microsoft Game Studios has announced that Shadowrun, the game developed by FASA Studios for Xbox 360 and PC, has shipped to retail stores. Shadowrun is a team-based first-person shooter for up to 16 players that combines ancient magic with modern weapons and features cross-platform gameplay between Xbox 360 and Windows Vista owners. A Shadowrun demo will be available for download via Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

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SF49er4084578d ago

It combined the best of halo, counterstrike, and magic. wtf how can it not be. the devs said they were playing the game non stop 3 years, brought the game home because it was so solid. type of game that takes minutes to learn but years to master. too bad no one knows about it

sonarus4578d ago

Not too sure about this game. The trailer looks rather mediocre and the whole magic and fighting is a pretty lame gimmick to me. 16 players fighting at once for an online only game? common at least 32 lol

ElementX4578d ago

I think 16 is a good number. Too many people means lower polygon counts. Whenever I play GRAW I look for 16 players or less.

Babylonian4578d ago

Too bad it's a first person shooter, if it was adventure or RPG I think it would have been better as it fits more with the magic and sword things and stuff.

Quicksilva4578d ago

Some reviews before I buy it.