Games Radar Preview: No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

Games Radar: If you follow Suda 51's resume of games, you'll know what a tangled web the No More Heroes maestro weaves. A ghostly porter in Killer7 is alive and kicking in Flower, Sun and Rain. Michigan's ill-fated news reporters chart the events of No More Heroes. Killer7's lead hitman even turns up to kill Travis in No More Heroes' 'bad' ending. It's as if these characters slosh around in Suda's head like a pixellated goulash, waiting to be randomly ladled onto a disc. It's no great surprise, then, to see old No More Heroes favourites returning from the dead and, in two cases, in playable form…

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EvilTwin3363d ago

Destroyman is back? And is a cyborg? TWO cyborgs? Awesome sauce.

Cajun Chicken3363d ago

Cannot wait. Reason for a Wii.