MGU Review: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: Celebrity Edition

MGU writes: "Who Wants to be a Millionaire: Celebrity Edition's packed with loads of celebrity trivia (as if you couldn't imagine), you'll be tested on not just the who's who in the highest echelon of Hollywood society but also the glitzy designer names and many more besides, which only the gossip magazine readers and showbiz stalkers out there will know the answers to.

The rules of the game are as per usual, i.e. You have the ticking clock counting down as you try to answer the multiple choice question correctly. To assist you in this task you have three lifelines which will help or possibly be the cause of your undoing. The 50:50 eliminates two of the four answers leaving you with one correct and one wrong answer to guess from. Asking the audience will give you a poll response from the AI 'audience', which will hopefully lead you to picking the right answer. Lastly you can 'phone a friend' where you'll have an artificial 'friend' suggest the answer."

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