MGU Review: Virtua Tennis Mobile Edition

MGU writes: "The tournament mode consists of playing a best of three game against an AI opponent. As you play the different tournaments the opponents get tougher and as you progress through the rounds, they get even harder. The aim of the tournament is to gain as many top places as possible (by defeating three opponents). For completing these tournaments successfully, you get rewarded not just with the acclaimed title but also the prize money (which adds to your score).

The prize money is essential in the development of your player. By going to the shop menu, you can pick from a variety of items which will help boost your player in different ways. For example you can pick from a shirt, shorts, racket, shoes and partner. The basic options may look good but don't tend to improve your player in any of their attributes, so other than looking good, they are a bit of a waste of time and money. However by scrolling your way through these items you will uncover ones which will improve your abilities. Whether it's the power, angle, reaction, speed or skill, you'll see how they improve your player in a visual indicator on the bottom of the screen."

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