MGU Review: Rally Stars

MGU writes: "Sadly the world of Rally Car Racing has lost some of its most foremost drivers in recent years, namely the renowned Colin McRae.

If this hasn't put you off driving like a speed-demon around suburban and rural routes and get back to the basics of man and machine (unlike the rather more flamboyant counterpart F1), then you could well be delighted to get to grips with Rally Stars 3D.

Your mission is as simple as it gets, finish first or don't bother finishing at all! You have three modes to leave your mark on. For those with a passion for full throttle fast action can dive right into the 'quick race' mode. In this setting you have a handful of opponents who give you a bit of a challenge and more often than not will gang up on you to ensure that they cross the line before you. Your objective is to finish first after three laps."

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