MGU Review: Mine Sweeper

MGU writes: "For many people who've been used to passing the time on their PC you'll probably be familiar with the game Minesweeper.

This puzzle game, which involves a certain amount of logic and a touch of Russian roulette, has been given a modern feel and look to the developers credit. Rather than simply seeing the squares in a top-down style board, you see the grid marked out and have a guy who resembles more of 'Wally' from 'Where's Wally?' than a trained explosives sapper who you must try and assist in his clearance mission.

What you must do is pick the square to start on and with a bit of luck try not to resemble just a charred pair of boots. If your first jump is successful you'll either reveal a whole area of safety, or simply highlight that one of the squares near to you is indeed booby-trapped. As in previous editions of the game, the number of mines touching a square within the grid is indicated by a bold number in the adjacent square."

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