MGU Review: Doom Classic (iPhone)

MGU writes: "The iPhone has become a bit of a nostalgia machine of late. Not only has it given us a remake of our favourite '90's platformer Earthworm Jim, but now it's re-unleashing Hell into our palms with an enhanced port of our favourite '90's shooter, Doom.

Now, 16 years after its initial release, Doom is back and it's as awesome as ever. Although I hardly expect it'll get the same attention this time around. Id Software has already released Wolfenstein 3D Classic onto the app store, so we kind of knew what to expect from Doom Classic. Of course, this is not a bad thing at all. It's the original three episodes, plus a fourth, Thy Flesh Consumed. That's a total of 36 missions, each of which have been enhanced slightly and come with some of the smoothest FPS controls on the iPhone yet."

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