Top 10 Video Game Industry Celebrities

"From the people who run major corporations to the people who make the games, there's a lot of big names in the video game industry. Many of these big names have even achieved what one could call "celebrity status" because of how well-known they are and how often they're in the news. We went through this list of people and selected those who we believe are the top 10 video game industry celebrities. Here's what we came up with..."

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wxer3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Will Wright ???
the hell is this guy ?

and where is kin or kaz or camrock ??
this list fails

oh yes
one last thing
this is gabe


Elven63363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Will Wright, the creator of one of the if not the highest selling PC franchise ever, you know, The Sims?...

Make fun of Gabe all you want but his work is keeping PC gaming alive, without Steam PC gaming would be practically dead. He also created one of the most iconic game franchises (Half Life) and is a peoples man. (he responds to every fan email, mail, request, etc that he gets)

40cal3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Will Wright deserves to be on the list.

A few people from the industry that I like that did not make the list, Jack Tretton, Phil Harrison, Kazunori Yamauchi, and David Jaffe.

I also agree that Kojima should be sitting in one of the top spots but Kazunori Yamauchi should be sitting up there with him.

Jamescagney3363d ago

wxer never fails to amuse me with his stupidity and ignorance. He's always got his fanboy goggles at the ready.

'Will Wright ???
the hell is this guy ?'

What a spacker.

Elven63363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Robert Bowling shouldn't get an honorable mention, although he seems like a cool person he's only relevant when IW is making a COD game or when Treyarch is making one and he's bashing it.

Edit: Reggie, lol! I remember all the high hopes Nintendo gamers had on him when he came out with his opening speech in 04, fast forward to 2009 and...

inSaneELF3363d ago

You make a good point, Elven.

Also, wxer, Kaz Hirai is on the honorable mentions list.

EvanVolm3363d ago

Oh man, I remember Moore's Rock Band performance at E3. Epic fail, though the singer wasn't any better.

Batzi3363d ago

My avatar speaks for itself :)

Why Dat3362d ago

The list is pretty good, however I would have liked to have seen either (or the combination of) the following:

1) Ted Price
2) Evan Wells
3) Phil Harrison