Study Calls for U.S. Programs to Address Broadband Demand

PC World writes: "The U.S. government should consider paying broadband providers for signing up subscribers in poor areas in an effort to increase demand for broadband, a new study from a tech-focused think tank recommended.

Broadband creates significant benefits for both subscribers and the economy at large, and universal adoption is "critical to the future of our economy and our nation," said Robert Atkinson, president of ITIF. The think tank recommended several types of programs addressing broadband demand, with those programs focused on attacking several reasons why people don't subscribe to broadband.

The study identified three major reasons why people don't buy broadband: the cost of the service and of a computer; usability issues, including a lack of digital literacy; and a perceived lack of the need for broadband."

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LiquifiedArt3271d ago

The Government Shouldn't pay for Sh#T. Let the Free Market stay free. Tax payers and governing officials should not touch anything for a LONG LONG TIME.

If someone thinks Big government acutally works, think about this:
"Who do you know will treat your valuable property better then you?"

There is no human on the earth who will take care of my possessions better then me, period. They are wasteful, irresponsbile and worst of all UNACCOUNTABLE, for monstrosities of waste and thievery.