VG Reloaded: Tekken 6 Review

VG Reloaded writes: "When most people were playing Tekken on the PSOne, I was smashing the hell out of Mario with Link. Yes, I was a Nintendo fanboy and although I did play Tekken at the time, I struggled with it. The amount of moves that could be pulled off was impressive but hard to master like that of the best fighting games. I didn't stop being a Ninty fanboy till the late Gamecube days, so I consequently missed out on most of the other Tekken games…but can Tekken 6 prove it deserves the fighting crown?"

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AKNAA3322d ago

I bought it yesterday, played it for about an hour, then put it up for sale. I swear, the graphics are like no better than tekken 5 on the ps2! and SF4 distroys it in every way!

Socomer 19793322d ago

Look buddy, ive been playing tekken since it was released. im so used to everyones style of fighting that its second nature for me.
i dont know why people think its hard to master? each button is for a limb. Tekken beats virtua fighter, toshinden & street fighter fireball spammage. Winners get a tekken rush while losers just cry.

When you fight in tekken you put your confidence on the line.

i also, wanted to say that the graphics have taken a hit but the combat and to see it in motion is incredible unless you have the 360 version. in that case i kinda feel bad for your thumbs and your eyes.

godcrusher3322d ago

I will wait for the price to come down or buy it used when it drops to $40.00. I am a huge fighting game fan and have been playing Tekken Since the first one on PS1. It is just hard to justify 60.00 for games with out a story or a huge character creator. The only 2 fighting games I have bought this gen for full price were UFC and SC4.I also downloaded Tekken 5DR and MvC2. SF4 was way 2 cheap of a game.