Kombo: God Of War III: Hands-On

The Eurogamer Expo version of the God of War III demo began as the E3 edition did, but was extended to 45 minutes of gameplay. The game still looks fantastic and really looks as if it is pushing the technical capabilities of the PS3, though it should be noted that along with Heavy Rain, the cameras are largely fixed. God of War 3 plods along the same old hack 'n' slash tropes, with combo-chaining or button-mashing action split up with sections of rudimentary gameplay borrowed from other genres and titles. These are where GOW is at its poorest, with on-rails Starfox-like dodging of obstructions in a flying portion of the demo and an awkward attempt at platforming using the aerial ability of hapless harpies by grotesquely sacrificing them to traverse large gaps.

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monkey nuts3272d ago

Sounds like he was playing the same demo that everyone who was lucky enough to get a code has been playing, myself included. If indeed it is the same then I can't see how he can class the two very short harpy sections as 'platforming'. I also enjoyed the flying section as it took me completely by suprise, shame the demo had to end imo.

cyclindk3272d ago

There is an ENORMOUS difference between a quick time SEQUENCE and on-screen button prompts to, say, mount a Cyclops (of which Kratos gains FULL control)...

Every game has prompts these days that could be misconstrued as quick time events.

Hold triangle to disarm explosive

Hold square to plant charge

Press circle to enter vehicle

(all baby brothers of the quick time sequence, contextual button presses for unique actions in a game otherwise limited by the number of buttons on a controller as well as convenience; hardly a bad choice when properly utilized).

These are very much related to what actions you perform even in a game like GoW, opening chests, busting open doors, et cetera.

And as for the "true" quick time sequences, the long drawn out ones, I do not believe there were really ANY of those in the demo that I saw, save for the Centaur guy.

Lastly, I do believe we will see more Shadow of the Collous-esque moments, i.e. less reliance on quick time events for the more epic bosses, at least I hope, not because I abhor quick-time events, but because I know it's approachable in other ways.