Tales of Monkey Island: Episode 4 - ZTGD Review

Jens writes: We're four of five episodes into the season, and by now should have a good picture of what Telltale is trying to accomplish with Tales. This is the point where a serialized TV show might have a throat-clearing episode; Buffy would tell her sister just how much she means to her before the big fight, the guys in Lost would screw around and not really accomplish anything, Tony Soprano would whack some fools in preparation for whacking more fools. In general, one might expect an episode more setup than execution.

Fortunately, 'execution' is right there in the title; the penultimate episodes of both seasons of Sam & Max were the best, and this one continues the trend. It is a meaty episode. If it were a hamburger, you would eat it for lunch and dinner.

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