Prey only 5 hours long?

Yeah, you heard it right. Prey, the long delayed and lon gawaited game is only 4-6 hours long. show you a screenshot showing the final boss battle save at just over 5 hours. Further more, people across the net are claiming to have beaten it in under 5.

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TheXgamerLive6520d ago

This could just of been an early demo release that basically only has boss/ending chapter fights. I "HIGHLY" doubt so much would of been put into something so short. Give it a few days of "REAL" people playing the game.

Dick Jones6520d ago

Yeah sucks that its short but I still bought it. Probally won't beat it for weeks becuase of all the BFMEII360 I'm playing. God thats a good game.

OutLaw6520d ago

5 hours will be horrible for a game that cost $59

TiTuS6520d ago

If this game is shorter than 10 hours dont buy it.

TiTuS6520d ago

Why is this game so short, I heard rumor that they have been working on the game for years and its 5 hours long, F&^k that.

Gamer136520d ago (Edited 6520d ago )

5hrs Long thats no good for me, they could at least make it 10hrs long.

ill vote Lame.

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All Hopes I Had For A Prey Sequel Have Been Crushed — Well Done, Microsoft

The magnificent Prey was once again abandoned as Microsoft disregarded Arkane Austin's achievements and crucified it just for Redfall.

RaidenBlack6d ago

well, not entirely ... the main Arkane studio i.e Arkane Lyon's still there ...
Its only that, the sequel will take more time now ... after Blade & Dishonored 3

MrBaskerville5d ago

But who knows, Dishonored 3 could have been Austins next project, so might be cancelled.

RaidenBlack4d ago

Dishonored is Lyon's flagship IP ... Austin only assisted in the first one, the sequel was wholly developed at Lyon whilst Austin developed Prey.
If Dishonored 3 was indeed greenlit ... rest assured, it would've been helmed primarily by the Lyon studio.

-Foxtrot6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Not even this Prey

Still longing for a sequel to the original Prey with Tommy

The studio didn't even want to call this Prey, it was just Bethesda being dicks to them for some reason.

RaidenBlack6d ago

MS closed Roundhouse Studios (ex-Human Head Studios) as well

Yui_Suzumiya5d ago

Yeah, that's who was going to do the original sequel.

bunt-custardly5d ago

Don't worry there are some other games in development that might fill that void. Look up Vigilancer.

isarai5d ago

Came here to say this, my hooes for a Prey sequel died when this "Prey" came out

Profchaos5d ago

Prey 2017 still hurts to play because what could have been looked so incredible

Profchaos5d ago

Same Bethesda basically screwed over the original developer team human head back around 2011 so it was really never going to come despite a honestly amazing trailer. I liked prey 2017 but it always held a stink of disappointment due to what we never got

FinalFantasyFanatic5d ago

I really didn't like this game, tried it because of how loved the original Prey was, played the demo of this one and thought it was garbage, it didn't feel nice/fun to play.