Prey only 5 hours long?

Yeah, you heard it right. Prey, the long delayed and lon gawaited game is only 4-6 hours long. show you a screenshot showing the final boss battle save at just over 5 hours. Further more, people across the net are claiming to have beaten it in under 5.

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TheXgamerLive6171d ago

This could just of been an early demo release that basically only has boss/ending chapter fights. I "HIGHLY" doubt so much would of been put into something so short. Give it a few days of "REAL" people playing the game.

Dick Jones6171d ago

Yeah sucks that its short but I still bought it. Probally won't beat it for weeks becuase of all the BFMEII360 I'm playing. God thats a good game.

OutLaw6171d ago

5 hours will be horrible for a game that cost $59

TiTuS6171d ago

If this game is shorter than 10 hours dont buy it.

TiTuS6171d ago

Why is this game so short, I heard rumor that they have been working on the game for years and its 5 hours long, F&^k that.

Gamer136171d ago (Edited 6171d ago )

5hrs Long thats no good for me, they could at least make it 10hrs long.

ill vote Lame.

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