Giant Bomb: MAG Interview

Brad gets the lowdown on how this 256-player fragfest really works.

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rbluetank3363d ago

once you start playing this game you will get suck in deep into the structure of this game. it is one of the funniest game i have played in a long time. the beta is hellla funny. i am going to clean my plate of games before playing this game. it will devour your time. lol i can not wait....

PLAYINB3YOND3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

I am a huge Sony fan but I really lost all interest in MAG when I played the beta, it really didn't feel like I was playing with 255 other players, the action was mish mash and very disorganised, there were no clear objectives or anything. I understand what they're trying to do and I understand some ,if not all, of you will disagree with me on this but I really don't care about 256 players, fine its a great technical achievment and i'll give em props for that but I really would have prefered a solid 60fps beautiful game with 30-60 players. what we have with MAG is really just a great technical achievment, not a game.

SoapShoes3363d ago

Yeah, I'll take this over MW2 any day. It's not perfect, but if I'm going to get a militaristic shooter I'll be getting this.

StanLee3363d ago

Great interview. I'm looking forward to this game.

Chubear3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

@1.1 Nah, dude, your objectives are clear as day; they are varied and plentiful. You likely played it for a little bit and got overwhelmed cause it's not like other FPS you just jump in and go.

You'll feel very over whelmed when you start off MAG in the beta cause the Beta doesn't have the tutorial enabled but after a couple of hours and good people helping you understand, you'll find this game to be highly organized and probably the best team based game to date.

The graphics are good but not what you'll expect from PS3 exclusive online games (if you play PS3 online you'll know what I mean) but they're still great considering it looks like some other online games graphically but is pushing 128v128 players most others with similar graphics are pushing 9v9 at most. If you enjoyed CoD4 online graphics then you should have problems here

So far, the best online FPS I've played in a long time. Has that Socom1&2 fun factor. Once you're in, you'll lose hours easily. Great great game. Can't wait to see the final product.

PinkUni3363d ago

you've probably never played battlefield's 60 player maps then

when its that many players, its not about facing 256 players

its about knowing that there are 256 players and that the fighting styles of each person is possible to encounter and the randomization of it creates a much more complex enviorment for gaming situations

you play a 1vs1 game people are more likely to quite because someone is always going to be far ahead

8on8 becomes more complicated and you could run into this guy who likes to use sub machine guns, but then you have to think about the sniper guy who keeps camping the spawn

when its 128 vs 128 the game becomes naturally evened out and you don't want to be looking at a whole line of 128 people, you want them to be evened out and separated(from a player's perspective)

when you think about strategy, if you were really facing 30 on 30 litterally with no sort of walls or buildings, it wouldn't even be a game, it would just be a "whos luck enough to not get shot"

DirtyLary3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

This game for a me is a great compliment to MW2.

They both play the same. Zipper even said they will have a controller configuration the same as the COD game so it will be easy to jump back and forth.. exactly what I'll be doing.

I've got my large scale battles and my small map twitch shooter.

Just need Socom 4 news so we have something new to look forward to after all these awesome games release.

bigrudowsky3363d ago

I honestly dont think its a great technical achievement considering youll never see the full amount of players on screen.
It looks like a decent game but thats just it decent no more impressive that fuel of war.

DirtyLary3363d ago

Yes you do. Wait for the domination maps. I've never seen so many red dots on my map at one time, like ants.

Right now you can move to other parts of the acquisition maps if you want to leave your squad and you'll run into a whole nother platoon.

Chubear3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

You can see everyone in the battle if you wanted to and ran off by yourself but that would be nonsense and you'll make your team lose that way.

In a real world scenerio you dont' see EVERYBODY fighting a battle, just your immediate squad or company. You can hear the battle all around you but you often are too focused on your own mission. That's how it is in MAG. You have your squad and your squad has it's mission it must accomplish to help the platoons win.

A platoon leader could ask for a squad leader to send a member of his squad to go help some other squad across the map if they wanted/needed to and you'll see all the other battles going on in the map. The maps are frickgen HUGE!!!

paul03883363d ago

My best friend (huge Microsoft fan btw) has labeled me a Sony fanboy on numerous occasions. Now I'm not really bias in any way, but I just feel Sony exclusives are a cut above the rest, especially when comparing the likes of Gears to Uncharted - better in every single way.

But when it comes to MAG, well, I preordered the game from Gamestop the very second I heard of it and immediately downloaded/installed it. And I'm sorry if you disagree, but I have never been so underwhelmed by a game in my entire life. I expected so much more, and it feels, for lack of a better word, generic. It just doesn't have it's own genuine feel to it like Killzone 2 or Socom has. Yes, there are tons of people playing it, but that's about all it has going for it. The whole thing just feels like a phony wannabe.

If you disagree, please respond with points as to why. I really don't know what people see in this.

bigrudowsky3363d ago

so youre telling me you could at one point actually see 255 players on screen at the same time.. I highly doubt it, and youre right i havent played mag but manny people say that they are small battles throughout the map. I'll rent it or when it realeases but as it stands it doesnt look all that great.

lagoonalight3363d ago

People need to realize that they just made a HUGE amount of improvements in the last patch. HUUUUGE! This is a beta for a reason.

Chubear3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

...Think how stupid you sound though. How the hell can you see all 256 players on a map? The maps are huge. You think you can see 256 people in real life when their spread out? You dont' even get to see ALL of the 15 players you game with when playing games like CoD4 so how do you want to see all 128 people on maps like MAG?

If you get to a high enough vantage point (if you can) you can see EVERYBODY if you want but good luck finding and getting to that vantage point on your own and if you actually get to that vantage point, good luck looking out and around the map before you get sniped.

Obviously you have not played the beta and are still trying to understand how the game works cause you've never seen anything quite like it. If you've played Planet side you'll have a better idea but MAG is unique in it's self.

MAG is not like you have some weird mapping system where there are different 8v8 battle happening separate from other 8v8 battles. It's a more fluid system than that. You can go where ever you want but it makes sense to stick to your squad and do your job cause every squads mission is important to the mission.

If you wanted, as an OiC, you could send 2-3 squads to collectively group up and take out a specific bunker, Anti air artillery or huge Mortar guns. So you'll have 24people going after 8 guys who's mission is to defend these targets. The whole system is fluid but has structure to it and makes sense.

Having 128 people going on a frag fest with another 128 people in a confined space is fun for the first minute but complete BS and not at all fun... though you will have some insane 128v128 battles on domination maps. It get's pretty insane on this mode.

bigrudowsky3363d ago

Well thats my point what does it matter if there are so many players on the map if youre not going to come in contact with most of them at the same time.. it doesnt look all that impressive gameplay wise but ill find out soon if its any good.

Chubear3363d ago

Well you have you own mindset and I'll just let you be. I don't need to convince you about how unique this game feels. I'll be playing it come Jan, GW, and you'll be doing whatever it is you want to be doing.

raztad3363d ago


What KZ2 elements do you find in MAG?

rockleex3363d ago

That is one of the most idiotic statements I've ever read.

Really? Do you want 256 players to be on a map that has NO walls, NO buildings, NO cover/protection, etc?

256 players just randomly shooting everyone. What is the point of a game like that?

The point of MAG is that its more like a REAL battlefield. With many different objectives, different bases to protect, different vantage points, etc etc. All these factors determine which team wins the battle.

By the way, there are 6 billion people on Earth. What's the point if you're never ever going to see them all at the same time? O_o

Elvfam5113363d ago

8 player squads out of 128 players of your side

If your squad leader doesnt do objectives then your just going in gunning

This game has alot things i didn't know about

Chubear3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

With Killzon2 elements - Certain map layouts, objectives layout, gameplay tactics and certain aesthetics to renderings around the map.

With MW1 elements - the feel of the weaponry. I kinda expected more of a SOCOM feel to the guns and character movements but it feels more MWish. Just simple to get into and not too much thinking about weight, distance, blah blah blah

SOCOM1&2 elements - Fun factor and definitely the team comradery (sp)

agentace3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Yes you do, i was in a game were all 128 players on my team were in the same building(losing big time lol) and all the other 128 were right outside. That was an amazing sight seeing 128 people trying to get out & get some defence up & other 128 people trying to get in & blow us up all through about 4 doors.

Dont comment on something you haven't played

Also to other people, atleast play it untill you reach a squad leader(rank 15) so you can understand it better, the people saying its just random chaos have obviously never played it or only played a few games and dont know whats going on, Everything is player controlled and organized NOTHING is random chaos

pixelsword3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

I'm in the MAG Beta and have been so since the first day it dropped. I've played as SVER, Raven, and Valor SVER's original announcer was as female (still may be, I'm not certain now), Raven's announcer referred to Valor as "cowboys", and Valor's de-briefer sounds like he has a very slight Latin accent (and one of the voices you can choose for Valor sounds a little (a lot) like Arnold Schwarzenegger).

At any Rate, I submitted a post on MAG's beta thread to make a few adjustments, ALL of which I will be VERY vague on, seeing that if I go to specifics, I may get kicked out of this and future betas... at any rate, I think they will use it because the post went to around 100 views, then they removed my post from the beta threads... a good thing I think.

* IF they took what I said to heart (very vague... :D):

- The ability to command troops is a great, rare opportunity; because it takes a specialist to move the forces to win an op FOUR (at least) your team... capiche? :)

- Headgear, or no headgear: that is the question.

- Switching weapons on the 9...

- Medals, medals everywhere

- Star Wars Battlefront II ... good story, no?

- You three, go there!

- All Dressed up, but no place to go... gives you the blues. :/

- Rock n Roll High School (1979) Fritz Hansel, Fritz Gretel

ThanatosDMC3363d ago

I just wish snipers are harder to detect like those in BF2. In MAG, snipers are too easy to spot by other snipers. In BF2 if you dont move or shoot your sniper rifle it's almost impossible to see you especially if you've camouflaged yourself correctly.

Pentex3363d ago

You have specific skills if you want to conceil yourself. A sniper position isn't just about the weapon, if you go to Electronics skills, you have Sensor Jammer, Motion Sensor, Acoustic Locator and much more. You also have Improved Stealth skill, Improved Shot Detection and so forth.

As for the sniper rifles, you can install a suppressor on the 2nd tier rifle, the 50cal rifle can't equip it due to the huge ammo.

So, you have a lot of things that allow you to be conceiled and to detect enemies on your map, so it's all about knowing what you're doing.

cyberwaffles3363d ago

yes, you can see literally over 100 people in one area. not even joking. i called an airstrike one time and i had like 20 kills and counting before the game froze on me. if you push select and look at your minimap with the recon sweep in play, you can see over 100's of little red dots all over the place and that's just the enemies! i know when i'm attacking real deep into the enemy's base, you see nothing but people everywhere at every inch of your immediate area. domination really is something else. as for 200 people, i'm sure it can be done but most people are trying to complete their objectives set by their squad leaders which are elsewhere on the map.

and thats another thing, the squad/platoon/OIC command abilities adds a whole other dimension to the gameplay. its practically a RTS when you call in gas munitions, air strikes, mortar barrages, recon sweeps, signal jamming, blockade, communications jamming, rapid resupply, rapid redeploy, guided artillery, and automatic cool down. you have to have a mic for this game in my opinion and i'll bet you money that the game will release with them because communication is very important. you have to talk to your squad/platoon/OIC leaders in order to call certain command abilities and use them at the right time. if you use them incorrectly, it can cost you the whole match.

here's a scenario: for the defending team, the alpha squad's bunker is getting overwhelmed by enemies. the enemy's OIC calls in a blockade which increases your team's respawn time (you may have to wait over 30 seconds sometimes) and while you're trying to respawn, you're bunker is on the verge of being destroyed. so to get out of the situation, a squad leader could ask his OIC to call in rapid redployment to cut down the blockade respawn to get back in action sooner and then later ask a platoon leader to launch gas munitions around the enemy's insertion to fend them off a certain path giving alpha squad time to recoup. once alpha squad can get back on their feet, the squad leader can give orders to his team to repair their bunker's turret while the leader calls in a mortar strike to rid off the enemy's APC (which is a strategic spawn point for the attackers) and force the enemy to have to walk back into battle until their APC's respawn.

believe it or not, the game demands a lot of strategy and can be very fun when working as a squad. it's annoying seeing little light blue triangles (your squadmates) going the opposite direction of your FRAGO orders just so they can try to rack up kills. instead, if your squad work together as a team reviving eachother, watching each other's back, repairing neccessary things like your anti-air battery, and stuff like that; it can be very fun.

the only thing mag needs is a lot of content, unique gears and weapons to avoid getting stale. right now there is some pretty cool stuff like the acoustic locator, but there needs to be more stuff and weapons.

raztad3362d ago


Thanks for you replay.

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MetalGearRising3363d ago

Hahahahaha hahahaha looking at the graphics no wonder they got 256-player for this low budget game. Day 1 Confirmed Flop.

piramides303363d ago

You are like s**t's dog, it's everywhere.

DirtyLary3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

The real question he should have asked is.

"How far is Zipper with Socom 4 development?"

Chubear3363d ago

I think I'm more interested in a SOCOM for it's SP campaign now. SOCOM online is going strong and they have more maps coming out (which took forever) but we dont have a game yet that's like SOCOM SP. Closest so far is Flash Point.

paul03883363d ago

instead of wasting it on MAG

DirtyLary3363d ago

Don't knock it. The game is fun as hell.

Graphics don't make a game kiddo.

JonnyBigBoss3363d ago

This game is wildly underrated. I might have to switch over from MW2 once it's out.

Chubear3363d ago

Think think there are a lot of PS3 gamers that will be doing that. This game should suit PC gamers very well too cause it kinda has this PC gaming vibe to it.

Gosh, so much choice and variety for FPSs on the PS3. Resistance, Killzone, MAG all have different styles and "feels" and these are just the exclusives.

Hopefully next year and on will see this type of variety for our JRPG gamers.

sikbeta3363d ago

By watching at the E3 conference, when the Zipper team show the gameplay of MAG and everyone was so quiet, think you are right, It was to much technical stuff than anything, Sony better start to promote this game, needs to be HUGE

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