Battlefield Bad Company 2 – PS3 Beta Begins 19th November 2009

EU PS Blog writes:

"Hi All,

I'm Gordon Van Dyke and I'm the Associate Producer for Battlefield: Battlefield Bad Company 2 here at EA's DICE studio in Stockholm.

Today we're excited to announce that our forthcoming multiplayer beta is coming exclusively to PS3, so you'll have a chance to experience all the action, destruction and vehicular warfare ahead of our full release on the March 2010."

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shingo3268d ago

w0000t! i hope i get in!

WildArmed3268d ago

same. I might go just preorder this :)
but we'll see what happens.

ABizzel13268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

EA are you trying to make Sony gamers fall in love with you again. Because if you are this is a very good start. But now you just ticked off a bunch of 360 gamers. Ahhhhhhh it's nice having both systems ;)

Everybody get ready to pre-order this at Gamestop you know they'll be one of the places giving out the beta, and possibly amazon. Hopefully Qore members will get in as well.

gaffyh3268d ago

I've gotta say, Sony are killing it recently. Exclusive after exclusive after exclusive, and all of them AAA. Now they're getting 3rd party support as well, and from DICE which means BC2 is most likely using the PS3 as lead platform.

Hope I get in this beta, would like to see the improvements from the first one.

darx3268d ago

I hate FPS on my PS3!

ifhd3268d ago

how needs cod6(cod4mw2)

SL1M DADDY3268d ago

Only an idiot would hate FPS's on the PS3. Kudos to Sony for making it happen.

darx3268d ago

FPS do not belong on the PS3, what a waste.

darx3268d ago

I am entitled to an opinion. I don't like to play them on my PS3, relax.

RememberThe3573268d ago

But that doesn't mean anyone here has to like it. So, to reiterate; GTFO, darx.

ThatCanadianGuy3268d ago

I know what you mean darx, sometimes you just can't help but prefer playing on a certain console.

For example, i own 68 PS3 games.I play all multiplats on it.
I have 1 360 game.And haven't touched it in over a year.

360 sucks and doesn't deserve (or have) any good games.
But hey, that's just my opinion.

rockleex3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

But that's just my opinion, and according to your own made-up rules about opinions... no one can reject it!

Therefore you have to accept that you just plain suck.

Remember, you're the only one living by those made-up rules. So whatever you say back to me, I can reject because I don't follow your rules.

Sucks, doesn't it?

Btw, hope I get in the beta. ^_^

solar3268d ago

Also FYI for u guys with capable PC's who dont get into the ps3 beta, its an open beta for the PC in december. I cant wait for this game!!!

Hideo_Kojima3268d ago

Why do you people say that this is an exclusive because
they want to suport PS3 more etc?

Lets remember that BETAs are not demos.

For all we know they are releasing this to the PS3 only
because they may need so help to get it running on the PS3.

Don't just jump into conclusions like that.

I hope I do get it if I have to I will pre order it
earlier then I was planning to.

sikbeta3268d ago

Good move from Sony, now has the attention of shooter lovers, I think some other Crew is really Jealous right now

king dong33268d ago

just you pathetic sony fanboys that dwell in numbers on here suck!!

playing fps on the dual shock is rubbish imo...sorry turds.

but thats why i got the x-battle adaptor so i can use the 360 pad on my ps3! trust me, killzone2 on-line with a 360 pad is amazing! infact killzone2 is one of my altime favourite on-line shooters.

guntrol..have a bubble for using your head

SL1M DADDY3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

Well then, Darx is an idiot. Relax, it's just my opinion.

And look at King Dork3 defend the Xbox Fanboy... Wow, didn't see that coming!

bjornbear3268d ago

I rly liked the 1st (not mine, friends) n i rly wanna sink my teeth into this one =D!

gaffyh3268d ago

@solar - Awesome, will be playing it on PC if I don't get a beta for the ps3.

Marquis_de_Sade3268d ago

Wait, I thought you people had no time for third party shooters?

glennc3268d ago

that's why they have a beta on the PS3 they don't need it as much on the 360. we will buy it anyway and it will work. FPS don't sell that well on PS3 because of the slightly different market. DICE want to rectify this and make sure they get it right, given they are a third party developer on the PS3.

so yes i am very jealous of this but i think i can wait for the full release. good things are worth the wait.

this game will be the best online FPS on either console without a doubt, how can it not be, BC1 and 1943 the current best online experiences. the only way the competition can match it is by replicating it.

DaTruth3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

What do you mean, "You people"???

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GR8 13268d ago

Wonder why ps3 exclusive because everyone on xbox live will be playing Modern Warfare 2 and psn players won't because as ps3 fanboys they will rather play games like demon soul's or uncharted 2.

wxer3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

"because as ps3 fanboys they will rather play games like demon soul's or uncharted 2."

ofcourse they well you idiot those games as good as MW or even better
one more last thing

WTF dose that got to do with this game "???

ZBlacktt3268d ago

Maybe because the PS3 is a far more reliable more powerful console? More potential? Free online? A PS3 gamer is looking for something that is above the other's in there respected fields ( BF, COD, etc ). We see that BFBC2 is something that is not a rehash of 2007. It's for more deverse and impacting as far as online goes between the two games here. Something a more mature gamer will look forward too over a young avg aged Halo fan playing CODMW2.

WildArmed3268d ago

lol. My 360 didnt get any good exclusives that I'd go sit down to play atm.
Whilte Ps3 still has games like Rachet n clank coming in.. see the difference?
Thats why 360-only owners will jump on Mw2.. it's the only good game they have seen all year on their console.

Mw2 can wait, i still got other games to play. Might borrow a copy of Mw2 from my friend. Since he is gonna buy two for his brother n himself. But his brother is out of country for another month (awesome!), then i can renew my live too, since they both own only 360s.

Downandout3268d ago

MAYBE, its because Bad company 1 on 360 didn't have many problems, where as the PS3 did, which constitutes a beta on that system, and the PC hasn't used the frostbite engine before so that's understandable

Shane Kim3268d ago

I think its because of the 500mb limit MS has on their console. That and the fact that PS3 is much more superior.

ambientFLIER3268d ago

500mb limit? Wasn't the Forza 3 demo like 1.5 gigs?

Guitarded3268d ago

That and the PS3 sucks so bad they need to have a beta to get games to work right on the PoS3.

ReviewsArePolitics3268d ago

A Beta not available on the Betabox/Tapebox? Now that's news!

The Killer3268d ago

cry me cry me.

bots you aint gonna get it. EA finally realized the king of this HD generation

thereapersson3268d ago

Looks like the only people agreeing with gr8_1 are his multiple accounts.

That, or Metal Gear Rising is trolling the Open Zone behind the scenes again...

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Sevir043268d ago

I guess Sony's looking to profit big off Dice the same way MS is looking to profit huge off IW!!! i've only seen MS with exclsuives Beta's from 3rd arty devs who make muliplats... COD and LP comes to mind when i think about that. we've mostly seen betas for first party exclsuives on Sony's Console but this is a first, as MGS4 was an exclsuive to begin with.

siyrobbo3268d ago

halo 3 had a beta, pretty sure it was the first game to have one as well (console wise that is)

QSPR3268d ago

Just got my beta KEY!!!!!

Sevir043268d ago

Looks Like Sony's back to buisness, they are spending money again, exclsuive marketing with UBi, and with EA's Dice Last year for Mirror's Edge, Now it's probably a sure thing when they market Bad Company 2 for the PS3 exclsuively. It looks like thats gonna be the case. keep it up Sony you are doing it big.

Blacktric3268d ago

Finally. Infinity Ward and Treyarch always made exclusive betas for 360 and PC but never released a beta for PS3. And now, probably the biggest online shooter of all time and the biggest block in front of the MW 2, is getting a beta only for PS3. Now that's what I call as sucker punch to the nuts...

RockmanII73268d ago

The only CoD beta for the 360 was CoD5, So saying "Infinity Ward and Treyarch always made exclusive betas for 360 and PC but never released a beta for PS3" was probably because there was only one beta made by Treyarch, and we all know they are barely comparable to IW.

W-k3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

i respectfully disagree imo Treyarch is better right now Infinity Ward is not at all doing any thing for us,Treyarch gave us split screen co-op as well as online co-op i feel the game play on cod:waw is a bit better while it doesn't have the better story or have better graphics but at least i can play it with my friends when they come over clearly cod4 is a better game but if iw are the better developers how come they cant give us split screen or a real co-op game they had a chance to make mw2 a way better game and they blew it.don't get me wrong it will be a good game one of the best this year but Infinity Ward has dropped the ball big time with mw2 there lazy there not doing any thing new because they know its going to sell.Treyarch at least gives us more in there games and deserves at least some credit more then they thing i would love to have in the call of duty games is to be able to pick what guns i want to use in the story mode like in the mp,one game that had that was rainbow six Vegas 2 i loved that.cod4 had no capture the flag and i found my self getting bored of only playing domination and some others I'm not in to TDM i play it rarely,kz2 was awesome for online modes a mix of every thing was great but this is just my opinion.
looks like mw2 will have some sort of capture the flag thank god