Crysis - Core Technologies Overview

With the support of Microsoft, Intel, and Nvidia, the Crytek development team has been able to push the limits of realism in Crysis.

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JohnCarpenter4574d ago

This means on the other hand this game will run not so good on AMD / ATI systems. Other developers may prefer / optimize their game at first for AMD / ATI. That's one (not the only) point, where PC-gaming sucks.

Rooted_Dust4574d ago

<sarcasm>Now, it wouldn't have anything to do with ATI's only DX10 sucking big would it? OMG Half-Life 2 was designed on ATI, it will never run on a Nvidia card.</sarcasm>

Just because it was designed on an Nvidia chipset doesn't mean it won't run on ATI. Do you really think dev's are stupid enough to cut out half of the user base? Stop ripping on PC's just because we have better games and better hardware.

fury4574d ago

"Stop ripping on PC's just because we have better games..."

You must be joking. Crysis, Half-Life 2 etc. may be an exception, but PC-Games will never reach the variety of console games. Just look at the current PS2, current/upcoming PS3 and XBOX360 games. There are some AAA titles on PC but not in the quantity the current/nextgen consoles offer.

Rooted_Dust4573d ago

Hmmmm, what would I rather have? Five really good games or 20 mediocre games? Quality always trumps quantity.

bootsielon4574d ago

Next-gen consoles have more cores and have gaming dedicated GPUs. They have all the same architecture. Yes, they have less RAM, but could it be possible to optimize the game for consoles since they are all the same hardware? I hope so.

Odion4573d ago

None of the next gen systems of Direct X 10 video cards, and frankly the GFX card still blow in comparison to mine. Thats why Crysis won't show up. Another game using the Crytec engine is possible.

Also the Cores of thr 360 and PS3 both suck when compared to the high end Duel Core and Quad Core CPU's you can get.

P.S. I have a PC and a 360.


you know what i could really care less about crysis being on ps3, we will soon have killzone, and then what will you crysis d1ck suckers say then, the ps3s scpu(supercomputer processing unit) is capable of cg all alone, what the H3ll does ps3 need with crysis, this crysis will soon look like paper mario for n64, i feel sorry for your crysis when e3 comes, ps3 will have many games on display that will make you forget crysis, it will no longer be the pillar of strength that pc fans keep raving about, cat will have caught your tougue, and it WILL happen, go smoke meth the cell isnt composed of cores idiot its made of 9 seperate processors, putting it in supercomputer world, go do meth

Rooted_Dust4573d ago

If I am to start doing meth, would you be my dealer? You seem to have it in good supply.

GameJunkieJim4573d ago


The surest sign of a fanboy. My AMD Quad outperforms the PS3.