Sony prepping motion tech to top Natal

"It's the Vision 2009 tradeshow in Stuttgart, Germany this week, and Sony was on hand showing off some funky new tech making use of its cameras. It's a Minority Report style panel that responds to every gesture and lets you juggle windows around with simple flicks. It's so smooth, we wish we could have this instead of the Motion Control wand for the PS3!"

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MetalGearRising3273d ago

Microsoft already have this technology nothing new here all move on it's just Sony trying to copy Microsoft again.

Sonyslave33273d ago

Damn Sony is so fvcking scare of Natal it not even funny.

FailureRate543272d ago

Sony already have this technology, and it's called EYE TOY (from 2002) nothing new here.

All move on it's just Microfrlopz trying to copy Sony again.

GR8 13273d ago

Natal is gonna revolutionise the way we play and theres so many developers who are gonna make AAA games for it. Sonys wand is wii motion plus but will have better graphics.

wxer3272d ago

"developers who are gonna make AAA games for it"

they should make AAA games for the console it self first

Inferno3272d ago

Have some bubbles wxer.
I lol'ed so hard when I read your comment.

Mike134nl3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

First part resembles Microsoft Surface, which also works with camera's.

Second part.... we probably all have seen the playstation eye doing more interesting stuff than that.

No 3-D motion capturing, so I don't really see any reason why to mention natal, they might as well said motion tech to stop Microsoft live vision camera or surface.

sinncross3272d ago

This is actually a newer build of something Sony had around 5 years ago. Originally, you would place these glass squares onto the panel and each would represent information just by being in contact with the base itself. That was quite cool, just like this is.

I'm not too sure why anyone would want this as the motion control for the PS3.
It is quite ethereal at best for overall gaming purposes and would cost a fortune. I'm pretty sure the PS3 'Sphere' is the way to go for Sony in regards to motion control.

Anyways, the PSEye has some good tech of its own:
Vision library

High resolution image enlargement

sikbeta3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

"PS3 'Sphere' is the way to go for Sony in regards to motion control"

You are right, but better put an analogue stick instead of using the DS3, It'll be really annoying to use the 2 things, Sony has to make it more simple

About natal, I think is not going anywhere, is good tech, but for example imagine play a fps with natal and you have tu run, where you going to play, in a stadium? lol, really need space to move

Mc Fadge3272d ago

And even without a certain frequency of light being tracked the symbol tracking is very impressive.

My mum was freaked out by the drawing replications though :P

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The story is too old to be commented.