New DIRT Screens

Check out new screenshots from Colin McRae DIRT, the sixth series of Colin McRae Rally. The game features new graphics, audio, physics engine, new vehicles and a new game engine.

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PhinneousD4782d ago

and these screens impress me still. but i have to say, it looks better in motion. the damage physics on the car and on the track is pretty phenomenal, esp for a colin mcrae game.

AngryHippo4782d ago

the demo for this game was amazing, seriously fun to play and looks astounding, truely next gen stuff. Can't wait for it to be released, a definate buy for me

crystallakekiller4782d ago (Edited 4782d ago )

for now this is the racing game for me on the 360....i love the demo,great graphics,great gameplay and the crash are unbelievable!and they get more real if you play on the harder difficulty!thats what i call next gen racing.....turn10 should take some note on this game....on how to make graphic and damage!

Daz4782d ago

The graphics are good enought on forza and the damage forza will never be able to go as far as dirts because the car companys dont like pillers bending and there cars rolling over because they think it make there cars look bad e.t.c.

crystallakekiller4782d ago

The graphics are good enought on forza2??? are you serious?i tried it again today just after i've played dirt...and it was awful,when you only play forza2,i guess you get use to it,but as soon as you play something else,like dirt,it get really obvious that forza suck big time graphic wise!dirt is looking great,and its a fun game!!

power of Green 4782d ago

Game looks great its plenty of fun even more so with offroad gameplay the rest of the game has piss poor gameplay. This game is a for sure a must buy for me as its offroad element is next-gen and its always great to look at nice graphics.

* Offroad gameplay: Great!...

* Street racing gameplay: Sucks ass!...

* Graphics: Stellar...

* Damage: Stellar...

* Sound: Stellar...

* Style: stellar...

This is not the final version and is a demo which is stated not to be the final result, so this game could even be better looking with better control and more realalistic physics on the street the offroad is fine but dam the rest of the game is like playing Ridge Racer.

IQUITN4G4782d ago

Played this on my 42 plasma and it's not stunning like the screens have suggested.Plays real nice though.

gapzi11a4782d ago

IMO, the demo didn't look quite as good as I was expecting on my 42 HDTV. Don't get me wrong, it's one of the best looking racers I've seen, but it just didn't look as good as the early pics and vids suggested.

CLX4782d ago

Awsome game demo. to up the realism level in the demo for the other microsoft wireless racing wheel users out there change the steering wheel saturation up to 100% it makes a huge diff!!!