Eurogamer: Face-Off: Borderlands

With its fine fusion of stylised visuals, accomplished shooting gameplay, superb co-op elements and MMO-style character building, Borderlands should deliver developer Gearbox plenty of success. Gifted with an impressive 8/10 review score on Eurogamer, it's clearly a highly desirable game, but out of the three SKUs available, which is the most worthy of your investment?

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vhero3270d ago

PS3 version clearly has darker colours and actually smoother graphics however the 360 has AA/blur around sprites to cover up the jaggies as usual a typical 360 graphical trick which unfortunately devs are yet to bother with on ps3 or know how to use. So the 360 version ends up looking better when in reality the edges cant be seen you see a blur effect around everything instead. Either way they are virtually indistinguishable and I can say this game is a worthwhile purchase on any system.

Excalibur3270d ago

Best games I've played (and still playing) all year.