MSNBC: The sorry state of Windows 7 gaming

MSNBC writes: "Windows 7 is finally upon us, leaping off retail shelves in little blue- and green- and black-lined plastic containers in a matter of hours. With the critical plaudits, expect enthusiastic midnight sales, curious micro-throngs of buyers and swollen message boards deluged by "impressions" confessionals from first-timers who somehow missed the endless betas and previews and release candidates foisted on us like fistfuls of Halloween candy."

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Zedux3322d ago

MS is totally lost I feel for them!

verb3k3322d ago

9.10 was just released 5 days ago.

WhittO3322d ago

I think MS are really trying to do well and "put the effort in" lol.

But they sort of seem like they have no direction and it looks like they are just rushing things and trying to catch-up/patch-up.

When compared to Apple, who seem alot more focussed on their own products than everyone elses and, well more organised haha.

tdrules3322d ago

i would but linux's game catalogue doesnt stretch further than being a server

Knghtz3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )


Darkstorn3322d ago

MSNBC has been very pro-gaming in recent months. Can't say the same for Fox News...

Knghtz3322d ago



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Memo-Xen x31003322d ago

two weeks ago? You know, when this story was already posted? I guess not.

pangitkqb3322d ago

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against consoles in any shape or form. I am simply one who has seen first hand the true benefits of having an alternative option for "High Def" gaming.

For example, last night I played the Left 4 Dead 2 demo on PC via Steam and then moved to the Xbox 360 demo to compare. The results will not surprise you; the PC version blew the 360 demo right out of the water. From control, to customization, to textures, draw distance, lighting, and anti-aliasing, the PC honestly looked a generation newer. Now, BEFORE ANY XBOX or PS3 FANS GET MAD, understand that I love my Xbox 360. The truth is, however, that multiplatform games ALWAYS look better, with more customization and user control, than consoles.

I guess, in the end, I play consoles for their high quality platform exclusives. You know what I am saying, the Uncharted 2, Gears of War, Mario Galaxy exclusives you can only find on one system at a time. EVerything else goes to my PC for obvious reasons.

toaster3322d ago

I agree. PC gaming will be greater than ever in the years to come. It will make every console fanboy drool in awe. Even right now there are games that surpass console games in every way imaginable and it looks like 2010 will be a new benchmark for technological limits on PC.

Also, "hi-def" gaming.. lol. Hi-def is standard for PC games. Hi-def is a little bit below standard actually. Most people have around 1600 x 1200.

But, what Microsoft is trying to do with it's GFW and PC Live-like service is a complete joke. Anyone who plays games on PC either uses Steam or some other form of gaming service. I primarily use Steam (btw I just played L4D2 demo and it's freaking awesome. Decapitations by guitar FTW) and I wouldn't have it any other way.

But for console exclusives, yes I dust off my Xbox every now and then to play. But if the game was multi-plat I will always choose the PC version over the console version.

omegaortega3322d ago

100% Agreed.

And the idiots I'm surrounded by be it friends or co-workers cannot grasp why I get the Bioware games (Mass Effect, Dragon Age), the Besthesda games (Oblivion, Fallout) the Valve games (Orange Box, L4D), any fps etc on PC.

I too love my console exclusives to death, but seriously everyone wants to talk about with multi-platform which console version is better, screw that if you want to talk about multi-platform comparisons the PC versions do make either consoles look a few years dated, which they are.

It upsets me as a fan of gaming, that the PC platform isn't more appreciated by other "gamers".

toaster3322d ago

If you look at the Steam icon in the Start menu there will be an arrow and you can pin games to your favorites, change your online status, and look at recently played games.

Just another thing that makes Steam better.

Budg3tG4m3r3322d ago

The games will start to trinkle out like they allways do. PC devs are still making games for XP and Vista, when those OS were released it took some time before they made the change. It will be a while before I have a PC good enough to play games on Windows 7. The only kind of people that will hate on Windows 7 are MAC and Linux fanboys which are just as bad as Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo and PC fanboys.

Budg3tG4m3r3322d ago

Hello :) so your the reason I couldn't use that name. Some people like us need to work hard to play our hobby. Nice to neet ya bro.

Jamescagney3322d ago

Tbh I've tried out Win 7 and Vista and have run into nothing but problems concerning the games I own. It's from a totally practical point that I use xp.

I love the way that Vista and more importantly Win 7 runs until the point that I play games. Then I run into problems. I hope they sort it out, but there are problems. And the people that say 'I've had no problems' aren't telling the truth.

Cosquae3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

1) Sort of surprised MS(NBC) would lay into MS to that extent.

2) They negate to mention that perhaps the dis-interest in GFW may have something to do with the rise and rise of Steam over the past few years?

3) I'm not a great fan of Apple or Linux (being a PC gamer) but if either of these two made a stab at being attractive to gamers then this would force MS to up their game. They were right in the article, MS is the dominant OS for gaming because of a nigh on total lack of competition for that accolade.

4) If/when/because MS starts losing out to the PS3 graphically (on their xbox, another argument for another board, but anyway) then would it not be an idea to get behind PC gaming (properly behind) and say "If you think the PS3 is good, look at this... come and buy this gaming machine (with Windows etc)"? Just seems to be an avenue they're totally ignoring.

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