Zelda team "preparing gorgeous graphics" for Zelda Wii

Shigeru Miyamoto has discussed the next console Zelda title, touching on the game's graphics and creativity.

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EvilTwin3269d ago

Zelda is the biggest of big N's big guns.

I expect the next LoZ to push the Wii to its absolute breaking point, just like TP did on the GC.

But Motion+ will be the most important thing for this game, IMO.

vhero3269d ago

but wii and gorgeous graphics? I dont think its gonna come close to anything we see on the other 2 consoles.

Knghtz3269d ago

reolution = graphics!


SL1M DADDY3269d ago

The Wii is not synonymous with gorgeous graphics. Sorry, but this will be just another low poly glimerless game that tries to do what an HD console should be doing.

EvilTwin3269d ago

vhero -- The Wii absolutely cannot match the PS3 or 360 in terms of raw horsepower. Lower resolution and fewer onscreen polys are a given. But it can still make gorgeous games. Prime 3 is, IMO, proof that level design/geometry and art style trump powerful tech. And there's always Okami.

SL1M -- There are plenty of very pretty games on Wii. If a high onscreen poly count is all that matters to you, we're never gonna see eye to eye on what makes for a great game.

pangitkqb3269d ago

Too bad I sold my Wii a year ago.

ape0073269d ago

technical aspect+the art team

I expect the zelda team to push Wii to its absolute limit which will be graphically good+the zelda art style=great graphics for this game

SL1M DADDY3269d ago

How about we put the poly counts aside and just ask Ninty for a good game. Rather than pushing more shovelware, it would be nice to see Ninty get back to basics and release some new IP with good game play. Good god, how is it that anybody can argue for Ninty with the trash they release these days.

ChickeyCantor3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

" How about we put the poly counts aside and just ask Ninty for a good game. Rather than pushing more shovelware"

i dont really see how Pikmin3, zelda, galaxy2, S&P2(and starfox F-zero etc etc) are shovelware.

If we are to believe those games are shovelware then gaming is doomed.

"get back to basics and release some new IP with good game play."

Stop looking at mario and zelda and you will know this already happened.

NoBias3269d ago

I still very much look forward to playing this.

EvilTwin3269d ago

SL1M -- I think Nintendo HAS made some fantastic games already on Wii -- Galaxy, LoZ:TP, SSBB, Corruption, Battalion Wars II, Fire Emblem, both Excite racers, Punch Out, Paper Mario, Warioland, Kart, etc.

None of those are shovelware. Not one.

As for new IP...Battalion Wars first appeared on GC. It's a pretty new franchise. Same with Pikmin, which should show up on Wii soon.

I'd like to see new IP, too, but Nintendo has more core franchises than they know what to do with.
People are asking for KI, Star Fox and F-Zero, plus new entries for the "big three," plus new IP.

It's a function of Nintendo being around so long; they've accumulated a buttload of franchises. So do they make a new Pikmin, or do they release Dynamic Slash in the States and Europe? I don't have the answer for that.

mikeslemonade3269d ago

If it's not on Wii HD i don't care. Stop trying to defend standard definition. You can't see as much on screen and it isn't as sharp. I hope this game flops.

Smacktard3269d ago

You have that the next Zelda game flops because of the graphics? Oh come on. You really are a graphics whore. I remember when gaming used to be about gameplay, not graphics. I mean... it is GAM(E)ing. Not GRAPHICSing.

ChickeyCantor3269d ago

He is actually crying over the fact stuff on screen will be less "sharp" and "less".

Its not a gfxwhore mentality, its worse than that, this person just looks for excuses to hate.

Fierce Musashi3269d ago

You mean to tell me you want one of the most respected franchises in gaming to flop because it isn't in HD? I hereby consider you a fake gamer.

So are you implying that games on non-HD consoles aren't any good as VIDEO GAMES? There are games that were on consoles last gen and so on that totally own games of today. Does them not being in HD make them less of a game? Should we not call these games great simply because they are not in HD?

Lol What are you?

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Valay3269d ago

The developers were probably inspired by Monster Hunter 3.

qface643269d ago

i don't see how you get disagrees for that the zelda team did say they wanted to top MH3 in terms of graphics

SpoonyRedMage3269d ago

Yer, they did say that Monster Hunter Tri intimidated them a bit and it will lead to more emphasis on graphics.

EvilTwin3269d ago

Seriously, how can anyone give disagrees on this?

Iwata admitted that the Zelda team felt some pressure after seeing Tri.

FinalomegaS3269d ago

boys, boys ,boys...

You must of forgotten you're on N4G, why are you surprised =/

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Why Dat3269d ago

Looking forward to it Nintendo!

mint royale3269d ago

Please release it soon!!!!

MonopolyRSV3269d ago

No point making "gorgeous graphics" if Kakariko Village is gonna be another ghost town again. Blu-Ray or bust.

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