Gamasutra Q&A: Making Wii Work: The Way Of Need for Speed Nitro

Although reaching the Wii audience is as challenging for many publishers as it is desirable, Joe Booth, senior producer and one of the heads of EA Montreal's Nintendo group, believes that his team is discovering process and concepts that can do it.

This year, rather than trying to launch a SKU of the next generation Need for Speed game, the Wii and DS have their own version: Need for Speed Nitro, developed completely separately from the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3's Need for Speed Shift.

Here, Booth, who has a background in game development stretching back to 8-bit computers, and who ended his work on the FIFA series to begin working on Wii games, speaks about what it takes to appeal to the Nintendo gamer -- who that person is, and what role games like Need for Speed fill on the Wii.

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