Farrell: PS3 and 360 price drops have driven market momentum

The price cuts from Sony and Microsoft for their respective platforms have ensured market momentum throughout September, THQ CEO Brian Farrell has said. But he is "concerned" about the software tie ratio for Wii.

Speaking in an investor call following his company's latest quarterly financial report, Farrell stated: "We are encouraged by the hardware price cuts. We particularly like the momentum on the PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms now.

"Wii hardware units sales were up 66 per cent but we are concerned about the software tie ratio for the platform."

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4point7BillionLoss3272d ago

huge black hole of Loss in sony ....

Sony losses for previous year cost exactly 4.7 times MORE than RROD cost M$ in 3 years ....

$99 xbox360 more profitable than $500 PS3 ....

The Iron Sheik3272d ago

You should change your name to 4 bubble loss because that is what is in your future.