Konami Q2 Financials, Wii Takes The Lead, but Sony Still Accounts for Most Sales

Unlike last year, where the PS3 accounted for the most sales in the same quarter, this year the Wii is king for Konami.

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Clap Your Hands3271d ago

from article:

Last year the PS3 accounted for 38% of Konami's sales, obviously due to Metal Gear Solid 4, this year however, the PS3 accounted for only 15% of game sales trailing behind the Wii at 23%. The PSP (22%), DS (21%), and PS2 (14%) followed accordingly, and the Xbox 360 accounted for 5% of sales. Despite this, Sony still managed to account for 51% of Konami's sales.

gaffyh3271d ago

MGS got 360k more sales which is surprising, although this could include PSP games as well.

Stationfan3271d ago

If konami really wanted a sales spike from Sony they would add trophies to mgs4, even thought that didn't stop me from buying and experiencing such an epic game. I have. Friend who wouldn't even touch it because of lack of trophies.

gauntletpython3271d ago

Yea, it was to be expected. MGS was a huge bump for Sony and Konami. PES should help too.