Developers stealing from developers: an App Store tale

If you are Paul Haddad of TapBots, LLC, it isn't unusual to get requests for contract work. When your applications are as eye-catching and functional as his, you garner attention. So when he received an e-mail earlier this month with a subject line of "I'm interested in Tapbots," it didn't really come as much of a surprise. What was surprising was the message content.

This prospective client wasn't looking to hire TapBots for any development work, they were looking for confirmation that a development firm out of India did the coding on ConvertBot, a popular TapBots application. The client had found Trucid, the supposed coders of ConvertBot, on the website, a virtual cork board where companies can hang their business cards. Trucid quoted a sum of $2,400 for an application similar to ConvertBot. The only problem? TapBots designs and writes all of its applications entirely in house.

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