FutureGamez: Borderlands Review

Borderlands is a competent shooter with interesting random weapons, somewhat intelligent enemies, intense battles and strong multi-player support. Still one can't help feel let down by the lightweight RPG elements, the lack of storyline and repetitive enemies. Still, as a shooter, and with the lack of Bioshock 2 this year, this is pretty entertaining substitute.

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DanSolo3269d ago

I have the game and think its pretty good, although I agree that the RPG elements are a bit on the light side and the story is thinner than Vin Diesels hair. But I have to question the "somewhat intelligent enemies" bit.... the AI in the game is pretty much retarded!
The humor is overly purile as well, and I can't help but want to shoot the claptrap's as they are just plain annoying.

Definately a game worth getting though as it is different from what else is on offer, and it's very addictive.
The day when somebody blends this type of game with a more World of Warcraft or Guild Wars approach is a day when a lot of people will be wasting a hell of a lot of hours playing it!