A Brave New World

A social space? A cartographically accurate proxy for the real world? Some VR terra incognito to be carved up by entrepreneurs and homesteaders? A white elephant?

Michael Fotoohi doesn't know how the result of his three years spent world building will be received – or how it will evolve. But the co-founder and MD of developer Micazook says uncertainty is part of the programme. "We want to see how people behave," Fotoohi explains. "We want to see how they claim property, build houses and attach data. It's a learning curve."

The ambition is to host and populate a 3D map of the planet, with businesses, homes and people. "We don't know of anyone who has taken this on," Fotoohi muses. "Maybe everyone else is smarter than us. Maybe it's too much."

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Viso Games3273d ago

One not coming any time soon. There is simply little attraction to these worlds to break them out of the closet and into the mainstream, it will be some time before Gibsons world becomes a reality.