Seven Ways to Turn Around the PlayStation 3

You could view the current situation of the PS3 in one of two ways; either everything is going as planned and the geniuses at Sony are gifted with insane amounts of foresight, or things could be better. Being that Sony appears a little bit, shall we say, defensive about the whole ordeal, we suspect the latter. So assuming Sony still wants to appeal to the mass market, here are seven ways the company can turnaround the PS3 in the shortest amount of time. Behold our armchair quarterback skills!

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PS360PCROCKS4573d ago

Sweet! First comment...start your engines here comes a lame ass flamer war...i'm out

kewlkat0074573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

I'm sick of commenting "How a SUBSTANTIAL Price-cut will help SONY"(not like $50-$100), and I'm sure I am not alone. However ..too many "How to save/resurrect PS3 articles"

I Think we should know by now, nevertheless this is still news.

I'm also out....

DrRage774573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

seven ways to turn around hte ps3 is great, but i think everyone will agree that the only one that really matters and should be addressed is price.....if they drop the price, they will sell more consoles. it is as simple as that. let's not make elaborate stories and scenarios about this, and let's not start flaming either. a simple price drop will move more ps3 consoles and get it rolling since better games are already on their way.....

i have an xbox360, and there would have been zero chance of me buying it if the price had been $600...even if it would have had the hd-dvd drive built-in. it's really about market demand, and the market demands a reasonably priced gaming console (wii anyone?). when you get over $500, that is where the average gamer backs away from purchasing anything. even $400 seems high to alot of gamers, and that is where the wii picked up it's steam from

Rhaigun4573d ago

Sony needs to do something. They need more than just FF XIII and MGS4. That's really not going to bring in the casuals. The $600 pricetag surely isn't going to bring them either.

closedxxx4573d ago

They don't need to turn anything around... the PLAYSTATION 3 is DOMINATING!!!! right?

TheExecutive4573d ago

That's rediculous... Im a sony fan and there are plenty of problems. I still dont think its doing as badly as everyone says it is; but they need a price drop, and more games, period.

closedxxx4573d ago

You are correct... GAMES GAMES GAMES... Not only does SONY really need to get more games for the console, they REALLY need to do a better job of marketing the games they do have, and will have in the near future. Right now MICROSOFT has much more commercial air time and local advertising than SONY or NINTENDO

jerrell4573d ago

7 ways to turn around what?? PS3? Please, I said it before and I will say it again, if the PS3 Had hell of games out right now (exclusives)then they would sell more cause people would want to play them regardless of price. The price is not a factor unless you are a broke person working at a fast food restuarant or have no job period. When people start to see this system is more than a Game Console, they will see the reason for the price. This machine is future proof. Kind of like building a PC, you pay top dollar for a good processor that way you don't have to worry about upgrading for years.....HELLO!! Or you can be like Microsoft and ride the multi-SKU bandwagon.

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The story is too old to be commented.