FF13 Environments Showcased

Japanese publication GameWatch has published a bunch of Final Fantasy XIII screenshots that showcase some of the environments that will feature in the final game.

Many of the environments have been seen before in trailers and screenshots, but these in-engine shots have been especially taken to show off the locales of FF13's world.

Final Fantasy XIII is now nearing its Japanese release in December, and these in-engine environmental shots serve to give fans a broader idea of what the world of FF13 is like.

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MetalGearRising3274d ago

Only made possible with the state of the art CPU and GPU on xbox360. Now there is no denying what is possible on xbox360 as it the forefront of cutting edge technology which encases the xbox360.

stonecold13274d ago

while the ps3 version is on 1 blu ray disk i will wait for the better final fantasy 13 vs on ps3 and will not be gimped because of the crapbox

Tr10wn3274d ago

*While the PS3 just need 1 blue-ray and like 5 install* :) you guys are pathetic i prefer stand up and change a dvd that just take me what 20 secs? beside wait for a 5 min install like MGS4 i was like why otacons make fun of DVD's while i waiting for a 5min install? and FF13vs=Emo lovers.

OmarJA3274d ago

*Farting out of laughter*

Foliage3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Imagine what this game would look like if it wasn't limited by the 360s dated hardware

I guess Versus 13 will show the gap in technology quite clearly

Foliage3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Hey MGR, those are PS3 screens you retard. You really should stop owning yourself. In other words, those screenshots are quite possible on the PS3... seeing as that is the PS3 version. Show me that it's possible on the 360.

Those screenshots are from the Japanese version of the game, in other words the PS3.

And nice proving you are pp with your comments on that website. How many double accounts do you need? Take a hint that your accounts keeps losing all their bubbles.

The real killer3273d ago

The cell is far more powerfull and also the RSX is more puwerfull than a gimped PC ATI card

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Yarite3274d ago

Loving all the colors and how the sky looks in these shots. The FFX composer should provide some beautiful music to these environments.

Vivi3274d ago

Love the look of this environment, the screen was released a few days ago.


+ this

meepmoopmeep3274d ago

i'm avoiding FFXIII news from here on out.

the demo already cemented my purchase. i really like the new combat system

freeblue3273d ago

just imagine. we could've dynamic lighting and moving backdrops. with FF worlds, so many things going at one.. now all we gonna have is pretty statis background :(

Vivi3273d ago

In the demo there were plenty of things going on such as ships, and monsters flying in the background. Explosions all over the place and small things like sparks coming out of destroyed bridges and fire coming from destroyed towers. Can't believe you judge things like that from images.

Also lighting does effect the character models and so on. Don't expect everything from a JRPG.

WKC doesn't have any of these small things and looks graphically worse.

FamilyGuy3273d ago

Speaking of which, a FFXIII dynamic theme should be in the works.

ThanatosDMC3273d ago

Ground textures looks horrible compared to the trees. We're done with flat grass on the our new consoles.

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cyclindk3274d ago

This is the only remotely interesting screen, the others are laughably bland, or simply not impressive graphically to care:

This one IS really nice though,

3274d ago
Julie3274d ago

Ty for the spoiler i hope the moderators take some action with that comment before more people gets spoiled...

ThanatosDMC3273d ago

He's talking about the textures. Compared to gears, uncharted, fallout, oblivion, borderlands, etc. there's no "height" in them. Look at the jungle pic and check out the "flat" grass ground.

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crazy250003273d ago

man im pretty impressed haha....wheres the demo? Someone said they played it.

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