Heads-Up' PlayStation Store Update (5th November 2009)

Mike Kebby writes:

"As warned last week, today we have a smaller update than usual, but I'm hopeful there will be something for most people.

For PS3 users we have got the NBA 2K10 demo available properly (we had some issues first time we tried to release this for you) and the Hextadon pack for Brütal Legend arrives and is free to all for the first two weeks of release, so don't miss out on this offer. LittleBigPlanet celebrates its anniversary with two pieces of free content; they will only be around for one week, so grab them whilst you can."

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Hellsvacancy3272d ago

That sucks balls man i want Final Fantasy 8

peeps3272d ago

yeh i was hopefull for ff8 lol but tbh with mw2 out next week i wudnt get chance to get really into it (although would have been a nice game to play for breaks from mw2)

Hellsvacancy3272d ago

Thats y i wanna buy FF8, its quite a relaxin game 2play man (i find it is anyway) its summin 2 play in between other games, 4 a break kinda thing

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3272d ago
guitarded773272d ago

Well I'll only be getting the free LBP costumes this week.

Close_Second3272d ago

...don't buy a PSP Go in New Zealand better than Sony.

First off its $499 (NZD) and secondly, the PS Store in NZ is simply a joke. The lack of available PSOne classics is beyond a joke and the underwhelming availability of PSP games is also disappointing.

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