David Cage: Games Are Made For Teenagers

NowGamer: Speaking exlusively to NowGamer in part one of our huge in-depth interview with Heavy Rain auteur David Cage, the outspoken director feels that the industry needs to grow up.

"As an industry we make games for teenagers and kids" says Cage "so we try to make things very casual and as clear as possible. The bad guys have to be very baaaaad and the hero has to have big muscles and look fantastic, and the women have to have big boobs and be very sexy because to a teenager, this is what women are."

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MetalGearRising3269d ago

David Cage JUST STFU please for everyone's sake and your game is gonna FLOP.

socomnick3269d ago

If making games for adults = quick time events and non stop cutscenes, then by all means keep making games for teenagers.

Nobody wants this stupid cutscene quick time events crap.

Fishy Fingers3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Generally I can gauge the quality of a PS3 game by the number of 360 fans that flood its threads with their attention (or perhaps, jealousy) so I assume this will be great :)

Still I understand, N4G is perfect for wasting away those game redundant hours. Keep up the good work guys.

PirateThom3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Yeah, I know it looks great and like a movie, but there's gameplay in there. I know you may find it hard to believe, PS3 is capable of amazing visuals for gameplay, not just cutscenes and menus.


So then why did you include rude content in the game idiot.

SICK SICK!! minded people like this need help.

LeSouteneur3269d ago

Wishing an end to that mentality and seeming to feel very much an important part of the growing-up process of the industry, he sums up: "I think we’ve passed that stage and we can go to the next one and say, ‘You know what, you can be a very evil character, but it’s not written on your face’."

NeoBasch3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

I don't see what's wrong with his comment. The video games industry does need to grow up. What's disgusting is the way these one dimensional characters are stuffed down our throats. Developers just don't get it. Games are not as immersive as they once thought. In fact, I hardly relate with characters in any sort of way. Granted, there are a few developers out there like Quantic Dream that gets this. Games like Bioshock, Uncharted, Heavy Rain, Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed, and Alan Wake will revolutionize the industry. Narrative design can go a long ways. Can't wait for their debut.

I like to use Silent Hill 2 as the benchmark for narrative design, but Uncharted 2 might replace it if they keep it up (halfway through).