Broadway Lodge Talks Gaming Addiction

Following the news earlier this week of the UK's first gaming addiction program, a counsellor from Broadway Lodge has spoken to IncGamers about the causes and treatment of gaming addiction.

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thetamer3270d ago

Interesting as we've been told gaming addiction doesn't exist.

Leord3270d ago

Whoever said that is silly.

Gobot3270d ago

My aching hands and dirty undies say otherwise...

Leord3270d ago

Just goes to show people are capable of getting addicted to anything. It's just getting it out in the open.

Fyzzu3270d ago

Wow. That was actually surprisingly balanced.

I'm glad Smith points out that there's the risk of games being demonised, but as with anything, people can take games to extremes. It's an interesting set of thoughts, but yeah, there needs to be more research.

AndyA3270d ago

Yeah, I was impressed by him to be honest. Seems like he's pretty open-minded towards gaming in general.

Fyzzu3270d ago

Which is a good thing for someone in that position to have. It'd be all too easy for him to go on a Games-Are-Evil crusade and get loads of publicity, but the balanced aspect actually makes people consider what he's saying.

Hurray for responsible people!

Dorjan3270d ago

How can people get addicted to them, sure they take up my whole night and day but it is normally the people I play the game with not just the game. Like football I guess

Fyzzu3270d ago

And yet the social interaction is still an aspect of the game, and the game itself tends to make it both desirable and interesting.

AndyA3270d ago

Some people are just predisposed towards an addiction of some kind and others can become cross-addicted through a combination of problems.

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