PlayTV Gets Even Better With 1.21 Update

James Thorpe writes:

"We have now released the latest PlayTV software update (1.21) for you and here's what it will do..."

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sinncross3268d ago

Wow nice updates!!!

They really gotta programme this for the rest of the world

EvilGost3268d ago

Update 1.21 was released in octobre 23th...

DaTruth3267d ago

I forgot this even existed! Can't believe you Europeans complain about SCEE support! Now you're getting Video store on top of Vidzone.

In Canada, we don't even get any of those!

Raf1k13268d ago

Early reviews for Play TV weren't all that great.

Does anyone know of a recent review? I'm slowly gaining interest in it.

anh_duong3268d ago

buy it and try it.. don't like it return it... the packaging can be opened and closed easily..

personally i use mine all the time

Raf1k13268d ago

Yeh that's probably the best thing to do but I try to save myself the hassle wherever I can.

DaTruth3267d ago

That's what the internet is for!

One day we will never have to leave the house! It's an agoraphobic's dream come true!

Redempteur3267d ago

There was a demo of play tv ...
it's still ON on the eur store ...

You can check and try and see if it's for you ...

The only reason i didn't pick it up was that the signal wasn't compatible with my countries Hds signals

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MetalGearRising3268d ago

Have SKY so no need for this crap best for crap to be left where crap belongs.

Nelson M3268d ago

Underneath your SDTV
Its Your Xbox 360
Thy Silly Little Bot

OmarJA3268d ago

We also get SKY soon.

Sitdown3268d ago

I would love for something like this to come to the USA.

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