Halo 3: ODST sales top 1.8m

MCV: Title sells through 294,000 in UK; Wii Sports Resort is territory's best performer in Q3; Dragon Quest IX tops global sales

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wicked3268d ago

Still not bad numbers, most game makers would be more than happy with that figure.

Xeoset3268d ago

Why are you complaining? Didn't Killzone 2, another highly anticipated FPS, only sell 2 million in just under 6 months?

Some Dev's would kill for those figures.

The Killer3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

sold 2 millions in 24 hours and after some weeks the number is the same or even less to 1.8 million??

i bet that if it was sony that lied about their numbers you would see the media attacking them like dogs on New York Times and CNN.

any way MS knows that they can get away with any lies they say, so why wouldnt they lie then if it makes them looks good even if it was for their loyal buyers? just wonder what MS told VGchartz to make their numbers so high and ps3 so low.

remember when sony few days/weeks said they sold 27 million world wide? well check out what VGchartz says, LOL they say 25 million, thats 2 million difference. i wonder how much MS pay them??

@mint royale

i got this in 1 minute search

SuperM3268d ago

Its not bad sales but i had the impression it was way beyond that by now given the rumors of it selling 2 million at launch.

For a Halo title its pretty bad though, i actually think MS should be more careful with what they do to their franchise. People might start losing interest when they come with all kinds of spin offs like halo wars, and put expansion like content at the price of full games.

mint royale3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

When did MS say they had sold 2 million in 2 days?

I could be wrong if someone provides a link, but this is N4G so I won't hold my breath waiting for a link that I suspect doesn't exist.

@the killer

I asked from MS not from vgchartz! Although interesting to see you now find them reliable sources ;)

@only on n4g
Yeah thats what i'm thinking. Oh well who needs facts to have a good bash eh?

militant073268d ago

Just like Killzone 2 "2 Million preorder"

OnlyOnN4G3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

VGChartz - Worldwide Halo 3 ODST sales - 3.13m

Talk about inflating numbers

@mint royale

It wasn't MS it was VGChartz claiming it sold 2m in 24 hours.

"We reported last week that Halo 3: ODST had sold around 2 million copies in the first 24 hours according to early data." - VGChartz

toaster3268d ago

Of course Microsoft is going to have bucket loads of Money from sales.
Microsoft just wants Halo everything.

Halo pillows
Halo toothbrushes
Halo Alarm clocks
Halo plush Master Chiefs
Halo erasers
Halo stickers
Halo calculators
Halo Kleenex tissues
Halo daipers
Halo hampster cages
Halo sporks
Halo Zune (ROLF. <-- I was laughing so hard I spelled it wrong.)

MS needs some new IPs.

el_bandito3268d ago

"Microsoft told USA Today that the Master Chief-less expansion pack to the 2007 smash hit sold over 2.5 million copes in the two weeks after its September 22 launch. The company did not specify if those sales were global or just in the US"

The Killer3268d ago

funny that vgchartz increases 360 numbers in hardware and software and decreases PS3 numbers both in hardware and software.

yes VGchartz are far far reliable but who told them they sold 2 millions in 24 hours? and why they always favor 360 over ps3?

my point is when MS want to say bullshit and keep their hands clean they just tell vgchartz to do the dirty works! so when vgchartz lies about MS sales then know that because they told them to lie so MS lies.

raztad3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

Good, this is good. My respect to most xbox owners that didnt fall for MS/Bungie trap.

Full price for an expansion? ridiculous (still Edge scored it 9/10). Liberty City Episodes is a much much better investment.

1.8m is a big number of DIEHARD Halo fans but nowhere close to Halo 3 figures.

What happened to the mythical "2m in one day" claim? someone was ubberinflatting the figures.

Tinted Eyes3268d ago

Bu...Buu.. 2 million in one day.

mint royale3268d ago


I guess they will be shipped figures worldwide.

@the killer

Oh for god sakes now MS owns vgchartz too? Well what are the doing telling everyone the wii was destroyed the 360 and ps3 in sales. I really hope you can get over your paranoia.

Microsoft Xbox 3603268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

What's laughable is the fact that VGChartz has Halo ODST at 3.13 million.

LOL where do they get such inflated numbers from? It sure looks like they took a False Information 101 course with Aaron Greenburg and Dan Greenawalt.

sikbeta3268d ago

So the article of odst selling 2m in 1/2 days was a lie or what?

Seriously, Who approved that if it wasn't true

Anon19743268d ago

I've got a friend that is going to lend it to me, but I don't game online with XBL, so I didn't see the point in shelling out $60 bucks when that's so much of the game right there. I was tempted, because I've always liked the single player in the Halo games, but my buddy said he got through the single player in just over 2 hours so I'm glad I held off.

DocEvil3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

sales >TOP< 1.8 Million... That means sales are OVER 1.8M
Everyone is clawing to make negative comments like 1.8 Million sales is a bad number but let's actually READ

US 1,520,000
UK 294,000
Japan 33,000
total 1,847,000

BUT WAIT! that's hardly the whole world!!!
Where's France?
Where's Germany?
Where's Spain?
Where's Italy?
Where's Austrailia?
Where's Scandinavia?
Where's all the other little territories that make up the region typically referred to as the european region? God knows we have to suffer through sales charts of even the tiniest regions whenever anything PS3 related shows a positive sales trend. The REST OF THE WORLD isn't in these three regions!!!!

Ravage273268d ago

but this serve as a good remainder to all. VGchartz is almost ALWAYS wrong(even after adjusting their numbers after official data are out).

I believe most people on this site knows how inaccurate VG is.

sikbeta3268d ago

When someone said that is a bad number????

It was an article stating that ODST sold 2m in 1 or 2 days and now I read an article saying something different, nobody is attacking ODST or teh sales

edgeofblade3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

Eh... it is a short expansion with a tacked on multiplayer. But I'll be damned if I didn't have fun playing it.

@The Killer: "i bet that if it was sony that lied about their numbers you would see the media attacking them like dogs on New York Times and CNN." Right... and they will probably call you up for the on-air interview...

DocEvil3268d ago

1.4 "For a Halo title its pretty bad though"

I'm just saying there are a LOT of significant territories missed France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia, Scandinavia etc are all significant territories Heck, Canada usually pushes 10% of the US's numbers too

Budg3tG4m3r3268d ago

MS never said they sold 2 million in 2 days xbox fanboys did. Some of you people need to take your head out of your asses and learn the diffrences between what Sony and MS say and what Sony and MS fanboys say.

1.8 million people sure is a heck of alot of gamers for one month. If great games like Psychonauts, Advent Rising, Republic Commando, or Project Snowblind had sales like this even in two years we could see a sequel.

Hutch23553268d ago

Are quick to say that the 1.8 mill they are talking about is worldwide. This didn't include Aus, italy, france just uk, japan, and us, so as usualy sony boys are quick to change their tune when it suits their point of view. Grow up children.

IdleLeeSiuLung3268d ago

Really shows the strenght of Halo franchise. No wonder MS throws a lot of resources into it.

Perkel3268d ago

@ DocEvil

"Where's France?
Where's Germany?
Where's Spain?
Where's Italy?
Where's Austrailia?
Where's Scandinavia?
Where's all the other little territories that make up the region typically referred to as the european region? God knows we have to suffer through sales charts of even the tiniest regions whenever anything PS3 related shows a positive sales trend. The REST OF THE WORLD isn't in these three regions!!!!"

they are playin uncharted right now :).......... I'm kidding :)

BTW I Vote for absolute BAN for VGCHARTZ NEWS because they aren't creditable at all ( where they sometimes ? )

media create , NPD MCV . They actually do some work behind their figueres, and also they still assume some parts because they don't cover all retailers.

DocEvil3268d ago

hahaha Could be Perkel! UC2 is a pretty good game. I consider vg to be an interesting site to look at for trends and rough numbers but that's about it...

Shepherd 2143268d ago

A games quality isnt solely defined by sales, but im glad to hear it is selling well, it was a solid game in my opinion. I still loved the original trilogy of Halo games more though.

slayorofgods3268d ago

sales >TOP< 1.8 Million
1,800,001? Who know, but it's obviously rounded to be close. Tops means nothing to me.

U.S. sales 2,260,000 vs. 1,520,000
this is a big difference to me.

I'll give you credit for the missing counties although Halo is not very big outside the U.S. so I'm not expecting to see that big of an increase. The exact sales fugues are obviously skewed but I think it's safe to say MS lied about the 2 million sales in 2 days.

DocEvil3268d ago

Actually, after looking at the article again I realized they are talking sales for Q3 ONLY which ended on Sept. 30th so this is only 9 days of sales of ODST since it was released on Sept. 22nd. Add to that all the missing territories and this is almost a useless article.

slayorofgods3268d ago

I will concede my previous statement and props to you for those catches.

You proved that this is one oddly constructed article.

Raoh3268d ago

can we now as a community stop posting vgchartz as sources.. hell just stop posting them at all..

its only good for fanboy bait

Ldubbz3268d ago

For a bunch of trolls that love to scream about how sales dont matter, you are all quick to jump on misleading info. From the article:

"According to data from Top Global Markets – the integrated monthly report from The NPD Group (US), GfK Chart-Track Limited (UK) and Enterbrain, Inc. (Japan) – Square Enix’s Dragon Quest IX (DS) was the world’s biggest selling game in the three months to September (Q3)."

These are numbers that only track until the end of September, and ODST came out on the 22nd, which was only one week of sales. Which at 1.8 million, is still undertracked.

You are all basically using numbers that are over a month old. ODST has sold over 3 million copies up to this point. you can deny that all you want, but thems the facts. Here are some articles that support that:

If some of you really think that MS would go and lie to USA Today about Halo ODST sales figures two weeks after release, youre an idiot. Not only is that stupid, its borderline illegal because that can artficially manipulate MS' stock.

Chew on that for a while...

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MetalGearRising3268d ago

Only possible due to xbox360 fan base who actually buy games and support developers. The none xbox360 owners on the opposite side of the fence can learn a few lesson's from this and start supporting there developers by purchasing games.

The Killer3268d ago

so after the 24 hours no one bought Halo anymore or what?

care to explain that? now its been some weeks already and still Halo ODST at 1.8 million.

HolyOrangeCows3268d ago

So sad that people will buy anything with "Halo" in the title.

Even if it's just a 5 hour campaign with a matchmaking-less new MP mode and recycled MP from the last game.

3268d ago
paradigmfellow3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

I work at gamestop and we already have 7 copies that have been traded in. People have mentioned they were disapointed. Whenever we have sold an ODST we would sell the used one first and a couple of days later we get someone else to trade it in. Now, what does that tell you?

54percent3268d ago


they just sold 1.8 millions.. wasn't that what they sold on a single day? they haven't sold more because people realized it sucks

Mr Face Creamer3267d ago

Why buy a 6 hour DLC with multiplayer that includes over 30$ of maps and a total number of 24 maps and a new co-op firefight mode when you can buy the POS exclusive that goes by the name Heavenly Sword.

Isn't that what the droids have been going on and on for the last 2 years? A game with a 5 hour campaign and no modes other than that at all.

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kenjix3268d ago

so it soldd on that one day and then just disappeared heh? Interesting. i guess people are jumping out heh?

The Killer3268d ago

since MS never feel ashamed when they lie and the media never judges them when the do those dirty lies but if it was sony you would see it in New York times and CNN.

Blaster_Master3268d ago

Most game makers would be happy with those sales, if they never had a game that sold 10+ million before. Im glad people aren't as stupid as I originally thought. I figured this expansion pack would prove that people really are retarded. This game should have been dlc for Halo 3 for no more then 1600 microsoft points.

Xeoset3268d ago

The whole multiplayer from its predecessor, Halo 3, including 3 map packs valued at around 1200MP each? No need for the original Halo 3 disc?

A whole new 3-4 hour campaign?

A few new maps?

A whole new multiplayer mode?

New weapons?

New enemies?

There was a lot to offer and definitely more so than other titles this generation. Heavenly Sword rings a bell.

Mc Fadge3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

Rather than the content.

Heavenly Sword was one of the first games released on the PS3 with extensive motion capture and an engine built from scrap. Halo 3: ODST ran on a modified Halo 3 engine with some additional content.

LeonSKennedy4Life3268d ago

Heavenly Sword was a LOT better than ODST. Don't even go there.

Blaster_Master3268d ago

Exactly, I wasn't being a fanboy, I was just stating a face. Just look at what we've spent on dlc for Killzone 2 and GTA4. Your getting AAA content for 10 20 bucks a pop. Not a few maps and one new game for a full retail price. But now that you wanna bring stuff up, Halo to me is AA quality. I pay full price only for what I consider a full price experience.

Xeoset3268d ago

My point is you got more in ODST and it lasted longer, yet was was still cheaper than another console exclusive.

Thus, why the f**k are all the Sony fanboys that argument? Not to #2, yet other like you LeonSKennedy?

edgeofblade3268d ago

That's quite a bit of content for $20. I mean, GTA episodes recycle the same city, but for ODST they built entirely new maps.

I'm going to wait for the Reach beta to decide if I really got my money's worth.

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SpoonyRedMage3268d ago

Go Dragon Quest IX! Didn't SE say that it had surpassed 4 million? I think they released a special desktop wallpaper in celebration of it.