Sony: "New IP is the lifeblood of the industry."

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Europe's Senior Vice President, Michael Denny, believes that original games are hugely important in today's games industry.

Speaking at the Develop Conference in Liverpool this morning, Denny said: "We must support new IP creation to survive as an industry. Consumers crave new things. If we want to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive marketplace, we need to promote new ideas."

"New IP truly is the lifeblood of the industry," he continued.

Denny cited Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain, which Resolution Magazine previewed yesterday, as an example of a high-quality, innovative idea on Sony's publishing schedule.

In his talk about what Sony looks for when working with independent development houses, Denny said: "We try not to be too prescriptive. Clearly, issuing guidelines is a good thing, but we always want to leave room for disruptive titles."

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Jamie Foxx3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

LBP and of course heavy rain, nintendo have innovated hardware wise this gen but software not so much unless you include wii-fit which isnt really a game but nintendo are still very talented, and microsoft is just microsoft...they have never been risky with titles its always a title in a firm proven genre.. shooter,racing,rpg etc (actually getting some 1st party studios might change that lack of creativity)

sinncross3267d ago

New IP's are why I like titles from Sony.

They don't rely on the same old type of stuff. I'm not saying that many sequels are bad, because many companies do get them right.

Just, new characters, stories, game play types, atmosphere are what we need more of.


Ya, I have to say I agree.

I mean when this gen started, to be honest I was a lot more interested in the new IP's that were being shown then the old stuff.

I think with the power of the HD consoles, they should be looking for every opportunity to take advantage of the new tech. I think sometimes that can be hard to do with old IPs' because they tend to have trade marks in their gameplay that everyone is use to and it's always a gamble if they try to change that if the fans will be happy with it or not.

it's a lot easier to try new stuff with a new IP. And frankly, some of the old games with their stories just need to be laid to rest now.

I still wish there was some news on The Outsider.

nix3267d ago

we need new IPs. Sony has been supporting lots'a new IPs. Flower, LBP, Uncharted, Fat Princess come to mind...

I love Sony for their awesome exclusive titles. they all have quality. even if someone hates the Sony exclusive title, better ones keep coming up. i think the media is by now tired of "hating" sony exclusives. if you can't beat them join them. q:

sikbeta3267d ago

New Ips and Variety is the best for gamers, don't get stuck in one genre or specific franchise, This Gen PS3 deliver the best


Hellsvacancy3267d ago

Thats wot i like about Sony - they dont mind takin risks

Ravage273267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

honestly, i would have bought a PS3 just for HR had i not own one already :)

Guitarded3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

....they are a double edge sword. If they succeed then yes they are the lifeblood, but If they fail they just become an hemorrhaging artery. Considering that very few new IPs are hugely successful it's not hard to see why most publishers, including Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft, are pumping out sequels.

Somebody less lazy than me care to count how many successful new IPs vs. sequels this gen on all platforms. Please no "my console has more than yours" lists. Save it for the open zone.

Thank you BaschPS3. Anybody for the sequels?

Jamie Foxx3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

linger in shadows,eyepet,heavy rain,eye of judgement,fat princess,LBP,last guardian,warhawk,MAG,folklore, pain, flower,pixel junk series,afrika,modnation racer..

then theres the less risky but NEW IPs like..motorstorm,uncharted,res istance,heavenly sword,demon souls,infamous,WKC

name me in the four years that 360 has been on the market a risky new IP that microsoft have released on disc this gen?

NeoBasch3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

Sure. No problem 1.9

Mass Effect
Dead Space
No More Heroes
Gears of War
Assassin's Creed
Dragon Age
Rock Band

It's actually a pretty extensive list. Sony and Microsoft have both been doing much better than Nintendo in terms of new IPs. And those are just for games already out. Of course, Sony provides the most support, but Microsoft should be congratulated for at least trying compared to Nintendo.

ceedubya93267d ago

The Playstation business has been lights out for years now. When they first started out, you didn't see half as many risks being taken with new 1st party IPs. 3rd party games ruled the PS brand for years.

I'm sure the money they made off of the PS1 and PS2 after paved the way for all of the risks they've been able to take this gen. They have huge brand awareness. When most people think of gaming, they think "Playstation."

Jaces3267d ago

"New IP is the lifeblood of the industry."


Chubear3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

This is what drives console sales in the long run. Next gen gamers will be looking forward to the new UC, Motorstorm, LBP, Demon Souls, WKS, Resistance etc etc all these games that didn't exist last gen and then they'll be new games out with new gameplay mechanics, themes and atmosphere.

MS has brought out a lot of new IPs too this gen but a vast majority of them come off as stale old gaming in new skin and gamers see right through them.

Sony tries a lot to push gaming experiences and it ticked me off when I saw so many media outlets trying to derail all these great new IPs. Remember "haha, it's just dude raider, nothing special" Now had Uncharted not done well commercially we wouldn't have gotten UC2 now would we.

We'll get Heavenly Sword2 soon but this was a new 1st gen IP and all media outlets spewed was "it's length, it's length, it's length!" and the put off many gamers when in fact, it's quality for a 1st gen title was off the chain and obviously a sequel would have been (will be) much longer in length if supported right. I have seen many games given high 9s that has the same length as Heaven Sword too but because HS didn't have a MP they dogged it on length.

Look at Lair, had we supported it and not let these editorial reviews derail our experiences can you imagine a Lair 2? with more refined controls and options, MP with thousands of Dragons battling in the skies online and co-op? Do we have a good fantasy Dragon game this gen? No we don't and who should we blame? Our own selves. Just look at Uncharted1 with no online and it's presentation and look at Uncharted2 now.

This is why I keep telling young gamers to ignore these gaming sites and take their veiws with a massive pinch of salt ESPECIALLY if you're a PS3 gamer. They just manipulate you for their own business incentives. They don't give a damn about informing you properly most of the time.

So in future, if you see a game you like and you've seen enough gameplay vids and interviews for yourself, go out and support the game even if it's by rental. Don't let these editorial reviews dedicate and control how we game cause if it was up to them, we would likely never have KZ2, UC2, Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword, etc etc

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The Killer3267d ago

for innovating the gaming industry, you truly deserves my money, without sony the gaming industry would have been childish and not exciting, just imagine sega and nintendo still fighting with their old IP's?? and MS is doing the same thing sega did, that is having 1-2 string franchise and thats it!

ps3 slim, just you wait until i get a new job and i will have ya with HDTV. until then ps2 and PC will keep me cool

54percent3267d ago

YEAH! because Sony is a dumb company that invest millions in temporally exclusive games just to make better versions on the competition ... oh wait!

kagon013267d ago

Agree, also its thanks to adult gamers as well, cause they still support the gaming industry...(otherwise it would have died)

Digital-_-Smoke3267d ago

Of innovation, Microsoft is the shadow of Sony.

LostCypher113267d ago

but but what about my HD DVD drive. most innovative dust collector i've ever purchased.

Troll_Police3267d ago

Well, in M$'s defense, they were the first to charge people to play online. That's innovation.............isn't it?

Voozi3267d ago

Maybe on a console lol, but MMORPGs have been charging people to play their games online for many years ;)

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OrganicMachine3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

here's what Nintendo does:

[email protected]: "HEY BoSS!! wiis aren't selling, our money printer is not printing right now!!!"

NintnedoBoss: Press the "Create new Mario Game" Button!!!


here's what Microsoft does:

[email protected]$: BOSS! People are losing faith in the Xbox360!!!

M$Boss: Quick, Press the "new Halo Game Button" and then Press the "Select Random People to get random errors and hardware failures" button!!!! Send "blank check" emails to 3rd Party developers!


Here's what Sony does:

Random$onyGuy: Umm... Sir, People aren't buying PS3s, sir? sir?!

$onyBoss: *takes out a Katana*

Random$onyGuy: Sir?

$onyBOss: *wipes Katana with white cloth, gracefully*
$onyBoss: why haven't you innovated a game yet?

Random$onyGuy: *gulps*

Disclaimer: the Scene implied above does not represent the Companies mentioned. Believing so implies that you are an idiot.

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