Tekken 6 Ships 2.5 Million Units Worldwide

NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe has opened the newest King of Iron Fist Tournament to all comers, with over 2.5 million copies of the standard retail, Arcade Stick and Limited editions shipped to retailers worldwide. Tekken 6 brings the biggest character line-up in the series history, the brand-new Scenario Campaign mode, spectacular High-Definition 60fps visuals with full-time variable animation blur, and an array of online fight play options.

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Staude3268d ago

Freaking Awesome ! More than worthy addition to the series. I don't get all the complaints.. I find this game uttlerly Epic !

Then again I haven't played online... Can't be arsed :P

Noctis Aftermath3268d ago

"spectacular High-Definition 60fps visuals" as far as i am aware it is sub-HD levels, so saying that it is "High-Definition" is false.

komp3268d ago

Ships? Sounds like Microsoft has infected them with the quoting of "shipped" figures.