Assassin's Creed 2 review in P3Zine

Online magazine P3Zine has a massive four page review of Ezio's latest adventure calling it "every bit the game the original should have been... and then some".

"The new Italian milieu is not just stunningly gorgeous, but fantastically rich; no longer just an empty shell of a playground, but a complete world filled with treasures to find, crevices to explore and stories to tell."

"It's a game so rich in character and reward that we'll be returning to it right up until the time the third one rolls around."

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theEnemy3272d ago

Gonna get this this month!

anh_duong3272d ago

how long before we see the

uncharted v ass in creed v mw2 v super mario


jjohan353272d ago

What I want to know is: is this game as repetitive as the first Assassin's Creed? Nobody seems to really be addressing this.

raztad3272d ago

This might help you:

"ACII actually gets better as
it goes along, as you unlock new
regions within Italy, are showered
with more gadgets and abilities, are
gifted with more diverse missions
and become more wrapped up in the
ongoing conspiracy."

PS3zine ACII review.

dgroundwater3272d ago

Another less encouraging quote is "Technical flaws in the PS3 version mar...the game engine proving prone to screen tearing and the occasional bit of slowdown. Pop-in too..."

As for the pop-in we know that will be on all platforms. As for the other stuff, perhaps they are still signs of devs doing slightly less solid PS3 ports :S

Still a brilliant game I am sure.

jjohan353272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

I'm going to wait until people finish the game for sure before I buy my copy of Assassin's Creed II. The huge bug in Far Cry 2 (also from Ubisoft Montreal) left the majority of players unable to finish the game for a full year before the patch was released. And when it was released, players can't continue where they left off. They had to start all over. If any of you have played Far Cry 2 extensively before, you'd know it's a very long game (not necessarily bad, but horrible when you have to start over again).

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saimcheeda3272d ago

be a good game, i want the PSP one too!

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MK_Red3272d ago

Glad to hear that the city is full of activities and fun. This and and Left 4 Dead 2 are gonna rule along with hopefully Dragon Age.

jcgamer3272d ago

I remember you enjoying the first AC game back in the day :) This one looks to improve on the formula in every on MK!


MK_Red3272d ago

How you do doing my friend? Yeah, I really loved the original even truly does improve on all fronts... Game on JC.

dirthurts3272d ago

To be a gamer lately.
Can't wait to dig into this game. I loved the combat of the first one.
You're so fragile, but sooo bad A at the same time.

leyego3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

but my wallet cries in pain.
2009 is a great year, to bad it doesn't even hold a candle to 2010.

can't wait for GOW3, FF13, WKC, FF14 and others. my wallet cries in even more pain.

himdeel3272d ago

...figuring out what to get and when just because there is so much coming out so close together. It's like I got an automatic debit from my bank account because of all the games dropping. And just think I was complaining at first when games moved to Spring 2010 because of MW2.

I still need to purchase the following games this year:

Demons Souls

I don't envy anyone with multiple systems this fall. So many games so little time and so much money needing to be spread around :(

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