Tenchu XBOX 360 website opens!

From Software recently launched the official Japanese Tenchu XBOX 360 website. The website has a few new gameplay videos.

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Dazzboi3605797d ago

I loved playing this game on my PS2 and i can't wait to play it on my Xbox 360 :).

Dazzboi3605797d ago

They really need to improve on the graphics by looking at the two videos. Does anyone know a release date for this game?

omansteveo5797d ago

Yeah i know what you mean the graphics could use some polish but thats not a big deal, i was really into the customizing aspects that looks to be sweet

Scrooge5797d ago

Did anyone play the xbox version of tenchu? it was a disgrace! I loved the PS1 version, but essentially there was no difference between the xbox and ps1 versions and they were a generation apart! I'll keep my fingers crossed, the concept of this game has a lot of potential.