PS3 Slim gets drastic price cut - in Germany

The Playstation 3 Slim gets a huge price cut in Germany. It only costs you 238,99 euros.

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SL1M DADDY3267d ago

If they keep up the price war, then you can bet many Germans will be online playing the best console this gen. Kudos!

sinncross3267d ago


Wasn't it like 299 euros? That's a good drop.

Dark_Vendetta3267d ago

Yes it was 299, so if you plan to get a Ps3 do it now, it wont last long!
Aldi started it with a bundle (second dualshock and wipeout HD fury) for 299€. Media Markt followed with the 240€ deal (console only, no games included). At the end (as always) Amazon lowered the price to counter Media Markt (also 240€) but gave you Borderlands free on top!! Unfortunately the Borderland bundle isn't available anymore.

sikbeta3267d ago

How much in U$S are? this is something I want to know because in America is $300 but in Europe is €300, how much is the difference

PopEmUp3267d ago

man I can't believe you fail the basic math lol

Pumbli3267d ago

€300 are $445

PS3 costs $560 here in Iceland, lucky Germans. :P (It was about $730 at launch here, I bought it at that price, it was and still is worth it :P)

IdleLeeSiuLung3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

Oh, the bias on this site!!!

Perkel3267d ago

in my country, SLIM is more pricey than fat ps3 :) ill logic :D ?

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shadowT3267d ago

Germanys largest retailer have currently a strong price competition. ALDI (~4000 stores) started with a very attractive offering. Over night Mediamarkt and Amazon Germany discounted the PS3 also, to compete with this ALDI offering.

Rocco Siffredi3267d ago

The PS3 FAT also cost 330 euro there before the price cut. PC gaming dominates in Germany, just look on Amazon as an example.

PumPum3267d ago

I checked and the price of a slim is 309€. 238,99€ for a used one.

Please be more accurate when posting please.

Dark_Vendetta3267d ago

It's 309€ if you get it over Home and Hardware. Go to "55 neu ab EUR 238,99" and choose the first one, it's Amazon, a new one of course, and only 240€

heylo3267d ago

it's currently not available (out of stock) but still listed for 239€

btw: already #1 game bestseller

Tesselation 3603267d ago

when its 100 euros cause thats how much its worth.

cyborg69713267d ago

So with that logic then I guess the 360 is worth 5 peso's Yea yea that's about right. Wait did I just say you had logic I must be slipping at this late an hour. To put it in playground terms your a dummy fuddy. And now in adult terms, mommie says your a mistake.

heylo3267d ago

but you would buy the 120GB HDD for 100$ and Wi-Fi for 80$ and 50$ for XBL (every year)??

DK_Kithuni_713267d ago

German hardware sales :


1. PlayStation 3 - 36.000 Stck
2. Wii - 35.000 Stck
3. Xbox 360 - 13.200 Stck


1. PlayStation 3 - 88.000 Stck
2. Wii - 31.200 Stck
3. Xbox 360 - 16.300 Stck

(kudos to Japan-Fan for the original post in the Gamer Zone)

Foliage3267d ago

Obviously the 360 is selling less worldwide because people are waiting for the price to be dropped down to what it's worth, free with a 300 dollar rebate to cover the extra expenses you need to waste on it.

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