Infinity Ward On 'Modern Warfare 2' Dedicated Servers: Wait And See

With people still up in arms about the lack of dedicated servers in the PC version of "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2," we spoke directly to Robert Bowling at Infinity Ward to get his final word on the matter. You can see his response above, but the general theme seems to be: Wait and see.

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Elvfam5113269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Is straight bullsh!t

If that was true Trophy patch and Rumble patch

would of been done for COD4MW

The PC gamers are giving you feedback now

open your damn ears and they not going to do crap about later on

LukaX233269d ago

If Infinity Ward doesn't ditch Activision soon, they're going to become as evil as Activision. If they stick with them, then I have mistaken IW as yet another Dev Company who has lost the will to care about what the community REALLY thinks of them. People have been BEGGING for dedicated servers in MW2 since the end of COD4. "We listen to the community..." Sure you do.

ReservoirDog3163269d ago

Well, let's just hope IW and activision learn from their mistakes huh?

Cause, I would naturally think (given the way pc gamers are), that mw2 will have record breaking piracy. And they'll know the reasons behind it, justifiable or not.

So, let's just hope they get made an example of and learn from the experience.

HammockGames3269d ago


Then IW and Activision will have no objections to "waiting and seeing" if they get my money or not.

SL1M DADDY3269d ago

Makes me wonder who's voice is the loudest. Those that actually bought the PC version of COD4 or those that pirated it...

Seems to me that Infinity Ward is trying to protect their game from idiots that pirate games and for those who honestly bought the game, well they get stuck with no dedicated servers. Folks should be pissed at the pirates, not the company trying to protect their product.


@1.4. Sure, I can agree with that. But if that's the case come out and say it. I haven't heard anyone from IW say they're doing it to counter piracy.

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NaiNaiNai3269d ago

Dedicated server = I don't care,

CernaML3269d ago

lol You've obviously never used one.

theEnemy3269d ago

lets give these IW dumbfcks a chance. Lets try their uber fast "IWNet" that they are so confident that it will deliver.

Gothdom3269d ago

well, at "9 vs 9", it shouldn't be hard.

toaster3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

It's just another pile of sh*t that IW conjured up to "try" to appease gamers. IW, whatever you're trying to do, IT'S NOT WORKING.

WTF?! I got an ad about skincare or something from Beyonce. Bowling + interview = Loreal apparently.

To me, everything that comes out Kotick's and Bowling's mouths is pointless and the way they're avoiding giving out answers isn't helping.

justlikeme3269d ago

They're gonna sell MILLIONS..... how cheap can they be?

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The story is too old to be commented.