Icrontic: Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story Review

At its heart Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story is an RPG in which one follows two connected stories in the Mushroom Kingdom. The main plot-line for most of the game stars Bowser as the protagonist. Fawful, a laughing, grammar-challenged roboticist has taken over Bowser's castle, and plans to take over the entire Mushroom Kingdom with the help of Bowser's converted army.

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primesuspect3272d ago

Man now I want this game. I freakin' LOVED Paper Mario

UPSLynx3272d ago

This was one of the few games I saw at E3 that really got me excited. Can't wait to try it out.

A new mario RPG is awesome, but having it be portable is so, so sweet.

Dannycr3272d ago

It is really...and I mean...really good. Super Funny and using Bowser and the Bros is really cool. Regarding the plot, well, don't expect a Final Fantasy/Chrono Trigger here, but it's sooo funny. Everytime I hear Mario and Luigi's Voices speaking "italian" (fake but a extremely funny) are awesome and the gameplay is extremely fun, varied and satisfying.

primesuspect3269d ago

A friend came over with it last night and I got to hear the "talking", and you're right, it's hilarious.

Man, now I REALLY REALLY want this game.. grrr.