3D Dot Game Heroes comes with data file to use Link

To commemorate the launch, From Software is giving out special bonus discs containing pre-made characters. While you can make whatever character you want using the in-game character creator, From Software has saved you some time with this data disc, allowing you to chose from popular presets like White Thing, Dracula, and... Link?

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sinncross3272d ago

Can't they be sued for this?

I hope not cause this is kind of cool!!!

Emily3272d ago

japanese company dont sue each other

Bereaver3272d ago

Giving out = not officially making money from it.

thePatriot3272d ago

this game comes in english. I seriously want to import this.

nix3272d ago

it only does everything.

gauntletpython3271d ago

No, no English, but it is coming out in the US. No details on that yet though.

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ia_studio3272d ago

are this the guys that made demon souls?

Cyrax_873272d ago

seems From Software's on a roll.

gauntletpython3271d ago

Not quite actually. From Software developed Demon's Souls. This is developed by Silicon Software, but it's published by From Software.

Sevir043271d ago

It's also Published By From in japan but will probably be handed of To atlus or Sega when it gets localized. So yes These guys are on a roll, I wanna try this game out it looks very interesting and very innovative. so we've got a play create share platformer, a play Create Share Racing game, and now we've got a Play Create Share RPG!!! lol!! Sony's just opened up a new genre of it's own where it's really the only one pioneering. next year after MODNATION Racers is released i'm sure E310 will be have a new PLAY CREATE SHARE game announced.. ^^ this is just awesome.