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patterson3268d ago

This makes me happy ^_^

The Tour Man3268d ago

dont know why but ur comment reminded me of simple jack

MajestieBeast3268d ago

Wonder if the 360 owners will beta test for ps3 owners again.

crazy250003268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

but dont worry, after you beta test, we will be able to finish playing the game before our console has to be repaired and taped lol :p

PS: they probably will beta test on 360....but its cool, the exclusives always blow multiplat games generally. So no sweat haha

Emily3268d ago

hopefully its a new tales games i love the tales games

TotalPS3Fanboy3268d ago

It's another PS3 exclusive.

Emily3268d ago

it will probably be on ps3 or wii or maybe psp

Maddens Raiders3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

So sorry...but no Ace Combat 7, no more money from me.

Godmars2903268d ago

Honestly can't believe they never ported AC6 to the PS3. Though from what I'm hearing about the loading issues w/Tekken 6, that might be for the best.

NaiNaiNai3268d ago

Hope for another great game. doesn't matter what system. I'm not limited like some people here.

Maddens Raiders3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

GM, but AC's never had loading issues on the good 'ol PS2. I know that that has nothing to do with T6's current loading times but am sure they'll be patched..

Up to this point, the lack of a proper PS3 edition of this game (not even a whisper) is simply a slap in the face (& a big FU) to the people that supported this great franchise on the PS's

i'm suing CELLIUS for failure to produce evidence that it exists!

Reibooi3267d ago

Personally I think this may be something entirely new or something we haven't thought about yet. The site doesn't seem like it's the style of something along the lines of a Tales game. That's not to say it definitely isn't a tales game because it still could be. I'm just trying to think outside the box.

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Godmars2903268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

No loli please... Enough with the loli.

Noctis Aftermath3268d ago

Also, perhaps they can finally set foot into this gens graphics and further away from the anime look.

Godmars2903268d ago

Well we're in opposition there. I want anime, just more mature.

I'd also like something sci-fi, mech, but I doubt that's going to happen.

sunnygrg3268d ago

If no loli, then how about shota? :D

Godmars2903267d ago

Burn your tongue on hot chocolate :p

Reibooi3267d ago

I want the anime look sorry to say. This entire generation has been nothing but overly generic realistic graphics for 90% of the games that come out. So suffice it to say when something like Tales of Vesperia or OboroMuramasa come out It's a nice change of pace.

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Sigh3268d ago

hopefully it's a brand new ip but since it's a teaser, it must be something we might know of.

Critical_Hit3268d ago

I would like to see a new Xeno series IP (but there's little chance of that happening). I just want another good space JRPG and Star Ocean: The Last Hope didn't do it for me. It's most likely a new Tales game for the portable platforms.

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