Don't blame EA for Dragon Age's inventory (or paid DLC)

Joystiq writes: "In a written response to allegations from Fidgit that Electronic Arts had forced developer BioWare to remove features in Dragon Age: Origins with the intention of selling it as future DLC, BioWare lead systems designer Georg Zoeller says the parent company has "nothing" to do with the decision. At the crux of the argument is the game's launch DLC, Warden's Keep, which gives players a "storage chest" to help expand the in-game inventory, among other additions. Fidgit claims the DLC was pre-planned to 'bilk users for more money.'"

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thedisagreefairy3273d ago


isnt that what we do when things go wrong?

DonCorneo3273d ago

Demon's Soul did it right

i'm on my second playthrough and stockpile tom still accepts deposits.

gimping the game like this is pathetic. just like the level cap in Fallout 3. but xbots will be fine with that like the sheep they are

Persistantthug3273d ago

More content being siphoned out of games so they can sell it.

Sounds like EA to me.