Rev Rant: Homosexuality In Gaming

Anthony Burch says:

"This week, I'd like to talk about portrayals of homosexuality in games and how they tend to be either really bad, or underwhelming despite good intentions on the part of the writers.

Relatively mild spoilers ensue for Persona 4, GTA IV, Polaris, and Handle With Care. Click above to watch the video, assuming none of that bothers you."

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lh_swe3271d ago

Homophobia and gamers (more young than old) almost go hand in hand and it's somewhat infuriating since have many friends and even family who are gay and none of them fall into the stereotype of being girly, these are simply men who are just like any other guy, they don't like fashion and wear pink.
I don't see why the youth of today are so immature and outright stupid sometimes.

Chris3993271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

And sadly this thread may soon be filled with: "shove it down our throats, don't need to see it, God says it's wrong," kinda statements. My brother is 6'3, built like a wrestler, doesn't lisp, isn't particularly into fashion, loves cars and is gay. Sterotypes exist, but he isn't one of them.

Heterosexuality is prolific in everyday life. Knowing a homosexual or knowing that someone is a homosexual shouldn't rock your ego so much that you feel the need to hate or berate. If it does, maybe you should examine why. Religion is a wonderful thing and is to be respected so long as that belief (which is what faith/ religion is, just another belief or "lifestyle") doesn't interfere with another person's happiness or civil liberties. What identifies us as a democratic nation is the separation of church and state and liberties for all. If you can respect a Christian for practicing their beliefs, you can respect gay men/ women for living their lives.

Hate is a disease. Peace and love to all.