New Fallout 3 concept art, one week till the teaser

Yet another new concept artwork image has been posted at the Fallout 3 web site, one week before the promised teaser trailer for the upcoming Bethedsa Softworks post apocalypse RPG is due to be released.

The main image as you can see is of the Jefferson Memorial (you can see other notable landmarks of DC off to the left as well).

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MK_Red4747d ago

Only 7 days left. Nice new memorial concept for memorial day.

TaylorB4747d ago

Good catch MK. I seriously hope that the teaser is some genuine gameplay. I hope it's not an FPS either. Fallout 3, you cannot come soon enough.

mcintosh2334746d ago

i think i may take a weeks worth of sleeping pills.

come to think of it 1 week isn't much considering we've been waiting like 10 years